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Forms for NIST Summer Institute and Research Experience for Teachers

Forms to be submitted by each Public-School District or Accredited Private Institute for NIST Summer Institute for Middle School Science Teachers:

  1. SF-424, Application for Federal Assistance : The SF-424 must be signed by an authorized representative of the applicant organization.
    1. SF-424, Item 12, should list the NOFO number as 2019-NIST-SUMMER-INSTITUTE -01.
    2. The list of certifications and assurances referenced in Item 21 of the SF-424 is contained in the SF-424B. 
    3. Instructions for SF-424
  2. SF-424A, Budget Information – Non-Construction Programs : The Grant Program Function or Activity on Line 1 under Column (a) should be   entered as “Science, Technology, Business and/or Education Outreach”.  The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number in on Line 1 under Column (b) should be entered as “11.620”.
    1. Instructions for SF-424A
  3. SF-424B, Assurances – Non-Construction Programs
    1. Instructions for SF-424B
  4. SF-LLL, Disclosure of Lobbying Activities
    1. Instructions for SF-LLL
  5. CD-511, Certification Regarding Lobbying
  6. Project Narrative.  This is a word-processed document, not to exceed five (5) pages, written by the applicant; it must contain the following information. 
    1. Description of the applicant’s education programs that make it eligible to submit a NIST Summer Institute Program application, specifically, offering science classes at grade levels six (6), seven (7), and/or eight (8) (often termed middle school), including a description of its course offerings in general science fields, such as earth science, physical science, chemistry, physics, and/or biology.
    2. Summary list of the teacher(s) being nominated and certification that:
      1. Certify that each nominated teacher will have teaching responsibilities in general science fields at grade levels six (6), seven (7), and/or eight (8) (often termed middle school) in the 2019-2020 school year.  (Applicants must certify to the best current knowledge/plans of the public-school district or accredited private educational institution in the U.S. or its territories at the time of application submission.);
      2. Each nominated teacher is a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident; and
      3. If applicable, that the nominated teacher is from a “high-need school” as defined in 20 U.S.C. § 1021(11).
  1. NIST-1103, Teacher Application : Must be completed by each nominated teacher and included in the application package.

IMPORTANT: Teachers interested in the NIST Summer Institute Program should contact their schools directly to express their interest. Public schools interested in the NIST Summer Institute Program should contact their school district well in advance of the closing date of this NOFO (see Section IV.4. of this NOFO) to work closely in the preparation of the application, which only the school district may submit to NIST. Private educational institutions should prepare their applications for direct submission to NIST.

All the required application documents listed above may only be submitted by the applicant school district or accredited private educational institution in the U.S. or its territories. In addition, submission of separate NIST-1103 forms (see Section IV.2.a.(7) of this NOFO) without all the required application documents (see Section IV.2.a. of this NOFO) is not permitted. If NIST receives such submissions, NIST will return them without review.

Application Checklists – to be used with the Federal Funding Opportunities

Access the Federal Funding Opportunities at


Created February 18, 2011, Updated November 15, 2019