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Science Afternoons

To continue the learning process, NIST invites Summer Institute participants to return periodically during the school year for Science Afternoons at NIST. With the help of NIST scientists, teachers explore a topic in detail through an interactive seminar and activities.

Science Afternoons provide information, materials and resources for teaching topics in the middle school curriculum in a uniquely NIST way. For example, we've explored the topic of magnetism on the nano-scale and studied earth science by building and using props to study earthquakes and their effects on the earth's surface. Teachers leave Science Afternoons prepared to teach the topic and lead activities in their classrooms.


Two women work with a beaker while a man looks over their shoulder
Credit: NIST
two men looking at a scanning electron microscopy
Credit: NIST
man sitting in a chair
Credit: NIST
Created February 24, 2011, Updated January 24, 2018