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  1. NIST Photometry and Colorimetry Facilities
    Web site for public domain information and publications on NIST activities in photometry and colorimetry.
  2. Uncertainty Analysis for Reflectance Colorimetry
    The uncertainty associated with the quantitative description of the color of an object is often necessary for determining the acceptability of that object for i
  3. Spectroradiometer Characterization for Colorimetry of LEDs
    The uncertainties in color measurements of LEDs by spectroradiometers can be much larger than those for traditional broadband sources due to the quasi-monochrom
  4. Obtaining Spectral Data for Colorimetry
    Simulation analyses have been conducted on the colorimetric errors associated with the data interval, bandpass, and wavelength errors of a spectrometer, using s
Showing results 1 - 10 of 228 documents for colorimetry