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  1. Nonlinear Optics Quantum Computing with Circuit QED

    One approach to quantum information processing is to use photons as quantum bits and rely on linear optical elements for most operations. However, some optical...

  2. Frequency-Tunable Josephson Junction Resonator for Quantum Computing

    We have fabricated and measured a high-Q Josephson junction resonator with a tunable resonance frequency. A dc magnetic flux allows the resonance frequency to...

  3. Recent Results in Trapped-Ion Quantum Computing at NIST,

    We review recent experiments on entanglement, Bell's inequality, and decoherence-free subspaces in a quantum register of trapped 9Be+ ions.

  4. NIST Debuts Superconducting Quantum Computing Cable

    Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have transferred information between two "artificial atoms" by way of electronic vibrations on a microfabricated aluminum cable, demonstrating a new component for potential ul...

  5. Pioneers of Quantum Computing

    David DiVincenzo Manager, Quantum Information Group IBM Watson Research Center This talk profiles the persons whose insights and visions created the subject of quantum information science. Some famous, some not, they all thought deeply about the puzzles and...

  6. Trapped Ions, Entanglement, and Quantum Computing, ed. by B.L. Fearey

    A miniature, elliptcal ring rf (Paul) ion trap has been used in recent experiments toward realizing a quantum computer in a trapped ion system. With the...

  7. Energy efficient single flux quantum based neuromorphic computing

    Many neuromorphic hardware technologies are being explored for their potential to increase the efficiency of computing certain problems, and thus facilitate...

  8. Scalable Register Initialization for Quantum Computing in an Optical Lattice

  9. Scalable register initialization for quantum computing in an optical lattice

  10. Enriching 28Si beyond 99.9998 % for semiconductor quantum computing

    Using a laboratory-scale apparatus, we enrich 28Si to 40 times better than previously reported starting from natural abundance silane gas and offer another...

Showing results 11 - 20 of 34970 documents for Quantum computing