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  1. Riley Wilson
    In her role as NIST social media coordinator, Riley Wilson crafts content for and manages the agency's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Reddit accounts.
  2. APP-31 · Mobile Threat Catalogue
    Mobile Threat Catalogue Menu Home Background Attack Surface Technology Stack Communication Supply Chain Mobile Ecosystem MTC Overview Threat Categories Application Authentication Cellular Ecosystem EMM GPS LAN & PAN Payment Physical Access Privacy Stack Supply Chain Threat Statistics Contribute Acronyms CVE List Downloads Malicious app impersonates a legitimate app Contribute Threat Category: Malicious or privacy-invasive application ID: APP-31 Threat Description: 3rd party apps may duplicate the appearance and interface of a legitimate app, such as a banking app, to trick the user into supplying authentication credentials or other sensitive information intended for the app being spoofed. This threat was facilitated on Android devices before 5.0, as a malicious app could determine if a target app was running in the foreground, then initiate an activity to gain focus and ...
  3. Events and Activities
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Dustin Poppendieck
    Dustin Poppendieck got his Ph.D.
  6. Jeanita Pritchett
    Jeanita S.
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Showing results 1 - 10 of 1023622 documents for instagram batmanapollo