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The quarterly NIST Forensic Science News newsletter debuted in June 2013. Subscribe by entering your email address in the Sign Up box on the left side of this page.

Read the Summer 2014 (pdf) issue:

  • NIST Forensic Topography Analysis Project Seeks to Improve Ballistics Identification
  • NIST Names First Forensic Science Standards Board Members
  • NIST Digital Forensic Resource Honored with a National Innovation Award
  • NIST to Hold DNA Analyst Webinar Series

Read the Spring 2014 (pdf) issue:

  • NIST Forensic Science Presented at American Academy of Forensic Sciences
  • NIST Science Supports Fingerprint Evidence
  • Voice and Dental Data Standards added to ANSI/NIST Biometrics Standard
  • NIST and DOJ Launch National Commission on Forensic Science
  • Forensics Measurement Challenge Progress

Read the Fall 2013 (pdf) issue:

  • Computer Forensic Investigations Rely on NIST Software
  • New Forensic Science website
  • Guidance on 21st Century Forensic Labs
  • 3D Scanning at Crime Scenes

Read the Summer 2013 (pdf) issue:

  • Forensic Science Just Became Personal
  • NIST Forensic Sciences News Launched
  • 100 Years of NIST History in Forensics
  • Largest DNA Workshop Ever Conducted

Created September 03, 2013, Updated August 25, 2016