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photograph of part of NIST's internet time service servers
Credit: J. Stoughton/NIST

NIST's Remote Time and Frequency Measurement Service

Delivering Quality Assurance to Labs Worldwide

What is this Service?

NIST provides laboratories around the world with convenient, continuous access to top-quality time and frequency measurements.

These services compare the performance of a customer’s instruments and products to the U.S. standards maintained by NIST. Customers consider this measurement assurance to be essential to their daily operations.

examples of how T&F measurements help customers include ensuring electronic test equipment meets performance goals, financial firms using for time-stamping transactions and accreditation for measurement-related assessments.
Credit: K. Irvine/NIST and Shutterstock

How do NIST's remote time and frequency calibration services work?

NIST sends the customer reliable, user-friendly electronic equipment, which contains elements such as a GPS receiver and a hardware clock.

This equipment:

This equipment: automatically measures the performance of the customer’s instruments or computers, •	compares the measurements to NIST standards via GPS, and returns the results via the internet
Credit: K. Irvine/NIST and Shutterstock

The NIST equipment records results continuously so customers can establish traceability to the International System of Measurements (SI) without moving their in-house standards, reducing their costs.

NIST staff add value by:

  • monitoring the measurements

  • answering questions and providing technical support

  • helping customers get the most out of the system

Who uses these services?

Customer labs are located at:

Graphic showing general information about where Time and Frequency services customers are located
Credit: K. Irvine/NIST

NIST's remote customers are:

Pie chart showing the distribution of Time and Frequency services customer base
Credit: K. Irvine/NIST

Statistics shared in this infographic are from a paper, "The Reach and Impact of the Remote Frequency and Time Calibration Program at NIST," written by Michael A. Lombardi.

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