Polymeric Materials Group

The Polymeric Materials Group develops and implements methodologies and metrologies for determining the scientific origins of materials degradation required for predicting the service life of polymeric materials, components, and systems exposed in their intended or accelerated exposure environments.

The group provides: (1) measurements at the molecular and nanometer scales of chemical, physical, mechanical, optical, and morphology property changes in polymeric materials as they degrade; (2) develops instrumentation and sensors for automating the formulation, material property characterization, and accelerated aging of polymeric materials; (3) conducts analytical, laboratory, and field research on the performance of polymeric materials such as coatings, sealants, adhesives, composites, and roofing materials; (4) provides technical bases for improved criteria and standards for evaluation, selection, and use of these materials; and (5) supports the scientific information needs of federal agencies in formulating national policies related to building and infrastructure applications.

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