Inorganic Materials Group

The Inorganic Materials Group conducts research to develop a fundamental understanding of the relationship between chemistry, microstructure, performance, and service life of conventional and innovative concrete construction materials, and other inorganic building materials.

Exploratory Projects (2016)

Cement Hydration Research- A collaborative effort supported by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration and involving multiple university research groups, this project is building fundamental understanding and next-generation modeling of the basic chemical, physical, kinetic, and nanostructural phenomena that determine how concrete binders hydrate, set, and develop strength.

Modeling Flow Turbulence- There are many important processes that involve turbulent flow of suspensions in confining geometries including flow of oil-sand slurries in metal pipes and mixing flow in bio-reactors. For this exploratory research project, the feasibility of developing a multi-scale model of turbulent suspension transport in confined geometries will be investigated using a novel approach called Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics


Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) and Standards

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Projects and Programs