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Portrait Gallery 2021 Honorees

Herbert Bennett    

Physical Measurement Laboratory, 1966-2015
For pioneering solid-state theoretical models to predict nanoelectronic device behavior and for exceptional support of the semiconductor industry though both seminal research and leadership in international standards and technology roadmaps.

Richard Cavanagh

Director's Office, 1979-2019 
For outstanding scientific contributions to time-resolved studies of molecular dynamics on surfaces and leadership of a broad range of NIST technical programs.

Belinda Collins

Information Technology Laboratory, 1974-2012
For highly impactful contributions to human factors and engineering research in building technology and exceptional leadership nationally and internationally in voluntary consensus standardization and conformity assessment.

Donna Dodson

Information Technology Laboratory, 1987-1999, 2003-2020
For exceptional technical acumen, extraordinary leadership and worldwide impact while strengthening the nation’s cybersecurity posture.

Ernest Garner

Material Measurement Laboratory, 1958-2000
For leadership in isotope ratio measurements of reference materials critical to the international nuclear safeguards effort and for contributions to the establishment of international quality standards for calibration and measurement laboratories.

K. Robert Glenn

Office of Information Systems Management, 1987-2020
For establishing and managing the highly successful NIST-wide operational cybersecurity program, balancing risk and mission, enabling broad use of information technology, and protecting NIST computers, networks, data and reputation against cybersecurity threats.

Margaret Kline 

Material Measurement Laboratory, 1985-2020
For outstanding contributions through the development of the NIST forensic DNA measurement and documentary standards program that has underpinned the U.S. DNA database used in more than half a million criminal investigations over the past two decades.

W. Timothy Polk 

Information Technology Laboratory, 1982-2018
For technical contributions and standards leadership to give the internet much-needed security. 

Robert Shull

Material Measurement Laboratory, 1979-2018
For extraordinary creativity and innovation in fundamental research on magnetic materials and their industrial impacts, and his passion for service resulting in literally thousands of better educated STEM students.

Created November 18, 2011, Updated November 12, 2021