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Research Grants

Measurement Science and Engineering (MSE) Research Grants  - The call for proposals typically goes out early in the calendar year with short (~2 month) submission deadline.  Topics of interest to ANTD are listed below.  Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to contact ANTD staff to discuss potential topics, before submitting proposals.  

  • The FY18 call for proposals has not been published, but we can still accept applications under the FY17 call for proposals.

    • MSE grant proposals are accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis, but must be received at NIST by June 1, 2018 to be funded in FY18.
  • Recent ANTD awarded MSE grants:
    • High Performance Digital Signature Systems for Large Scale Applications - ANTARA TEKNIK LLC
    • DDoS Detection and Mitigation via Programmable SDN Traffic Measurement - George Mason University
    • Coexistence Evaluation of Zigbee and Wifi for Smart Manufacturing - University of Michigan
    • Other example ITL awarded MSE grants.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grants - The list of specific SBIR topics and call for proposals typically goes out early in the calendar year with short (~2 month) submission deadline.    We will update this entry when the next CFP is published:

  • The FY18 SBIR Solicitation will be issued in January 2018.   See the NIST SBIR site for application details.
  • In FY15 we had two SBIR Phase-II projects funded, continuing to build on the FY14 Phase-I awards below.
  • In FY14 we had two SBIR awards for ANTD collaborative projects in support of the Robust Inter-Domain Routing and High Assurance Domains projects below.  
    • Cryptographic Acceleration for Border Gateway Protocol Security (CaBGPSEC)—a low-power, low-cost, efficient and highly secure router that could secure a key component of the Internet infrastructure.
    • Secure Email Agent Using the Domain Name System (DNS) as a Trust Infrastructure—a technology to distribute certificates and keys, making email secure, authenticated and confidential.
  • For more examples see the list of SBIR Past Awards.
Created October 25, 2019, Updated April 11, 2022