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Personalized Wayfinding System Based on Real-Time Cognitive Load Measures

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Personalized Wayfind System_On-Demand Session
Personalized Wayfind System_On-Demand Session
This session will introduce a cognition-driven, personalized information system for emergency indoor wayfinding. It addresses the emerging yet critical challenge in emergency response: information overload. On the one hand, as modern buildings become more spatially complex and are equipped with new sensing and information systems, firefighters can be exposed to huge volumes of information in the line of duty. On the other hand, these first responders have only limited capacity for information processing. Aimed to solve this conflict, this research employs the latest neuroimaging technologies (brain sensing) to monitor a firefighter’s cognitive status in real time, providing the basis to adjust the contents and format of wayfinding information and consequently control the level of the cognitive load. The system also captures and tracks “information personality,” i.e. the firefighters’ preferences to different types of information. To achieve these goals, the research integrates the latest developments in visualization (e.g., virtual reality), building science, neuroscience, and information technologies. Ultimately, the research paves a path to develop individualized intelligent and adaptive systems for firefighters.


  • Eric Jing Du, University of Florida

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Created May 19, 2020, Updated October 28, 2020