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Overview and Demonstration Reel


Demo, Networking and Challenge Reel
Demo, Networking and Challenge Reel




photo of a drone sitting on a table next to chairs and windows

image of an oxygen tank that a first responder would wear on their back

A pair of work boots with location tracking technology built in sitting next to a computer monitor

Two pieces of technology sitting side by side on a table with the Michigan Tech logo on them

mannequin in a case wearing a firefighter jacket and wearable device on its wrist

photo of a highly mobile deployed network in a box on a table being demonstrated at a conference

Virtual Reality set up in the background with a poster in the foreground showing a first responder in a virtual environment

Photo of a remote controlled car with tracking technology built into it

In the foreground is a poster explaining the sensors project at PSCR and in the background is a researcher

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Created August 10, 2018, Updated February 4, 2019