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About Open Innovation

Open Innovation focuses on outcomes and results, not on specific requirements. The problem solvers (aka Challenge participants) determine the “how” and the “solution” by using their creativity to reach the desired goal. Participants may advance their research concept, commercial their products, or enhance their business products all while improving safety and efficiency for America’s First Responders.


Serve America's First Responders - while advancing your research and innovation - with funding from PSCR.


The mission of PSCR Open Innovation is to create a framework in which we can work with individuals, companies, organizations, and academic institutes in a rapid, more collaborative ways than traditional engagements. Our Open Innovation program leverages financial awards and incentive-based activities to solve discrete and well defined problems surrounding: Crowdsourcing, Prize & Challenge Competitions, Hack-a-thons, Data Jams, Ideation, Collaborative Iteration & Design, and Team-building Activities. 


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Created May 24, 2019, Updated March 11, 2020