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Communications Technology Laboratory Staff Directory

Communications Technology Laboratory Office (670)
Marla Dowell Director 303-497-6700
Vacant Executive Assistant to the Director 303-497-5342
Brian Copello Executive Officer 303-497-7701
linda.derr [at] (Linda Derr) Senior Management Officer 303-497-4200
Danni Dressel Administrative Officer 303-497-3724
Communications Test Coordination Office (670.02)
Melissa Midzor Program Manager 303-497-3591
Chris Carson Division Office Manager 303-497-3831
Public Safety Communications Research Division (671)
Dereck Orr Chief 303-497-5400
Amanda Hyman Division Office Manager 303-497-5122
Danni Dressel Administrative Officer 303-497-3724
Radio Frequency Technology Division (672)
Dr. Michael Janezic Chief 303-497-3656
Mary Filla Division Office Manager 303-497-4724
Bryan Gamble Administrative Officer 303-497-4202
Wireless Networks Division (673)
Dr. Nada Golmie Chief 301-975-4190
Rose Linares Division Office Manager 301-975-3497
Lucy Tedesco Administrative Officer 301-975-5294

Created September 25, 2014, Updated September 6, 2018