About CNST


The NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST) supports the development of nanotechnology by providing industry, academia, NIST, and other government agencies with access to world-class nanoscale measurement and fabrication methods and technology.

  • The CNST's NanoFab provides economical access to and training on a commercial state-of-the-art tool set.
  • The CNST's NanoLab offers opportunities for researchers to collaborate on creating and using the next generation of nanoscale measurement instruments and methods.

Mission and Impact

The CNST was established in May of 2007 as a unique national facility to accelerate innovation in nanotechnology-based commerce. Its mission is to safely and reliably operate a national, shared resource for nanoscale fabrication and measurement and develop innovative nanoscale measurement and fabrication capabilities to support researchers from industry, academia, NIST, and other government agencies in nanoscale technology from discovery to production. The Center, located in NIST's Advanced Measurement Laboratory Complex on the Gaithersburg, MD campus, disseminates new nanoscale measurement methods by incorporating them into facility operations, collaborating and partnering with others, and providing international leadership in nanotechnology.

The CNST mission is guided by an understanding that rapid commercial development of nanotechnology—in particular, the speed with which industry can bring a specific new nanotechnology from discovery to production—depends critically on the availability and efficacy of applicable metrology tools and processes at each stage of the transition. Developing these tools and processes will have an immediate and significant impact on the commercial viability of nanotechnologies in a diverse array of fields, such as electronics, computation, information storage, medical diagnostics and therapeutics, and national security and defense.

Created August 19, 2009, Updated December 12, 2017