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New Examiners On-Boarding Process

New Examiners On-Boarding Process

The on-boarding stage for examiners is framed by a coaching process that guides new examiners through the first year of service on the Board of Examiners, from preparation through the award application evaluation process.

On-Boarding Process for New Examiners (PowerPoint slide). There are distinct learning opportunities throughout the first year, starting with selection notification, to New Examiner Orientation, Examiner Preparation Training and on to the examiner team assignment. New examiners are encouraged to reflect and self-assess their performance throughout the first year.

Examiner Development Model: On-Boarding View PowerPoint slide

Classroom Learning

New examiners attend a 1-day orientation course in addition to the 3- day Examiner Preparation course that all examiners attend annually. The courses are held in the NIST offices in Gaithersburg, Maryland in May.

Development Planning

At the end of their first award evaluation cycle, new examiners celebrate their accomplishments and take time to reflect on their experience and on how to continue their development as a Baldrige examiner. New examiners receive an email invitation to complete an anonymous online survey. The survey provides an opportunity for them to assess individual performance and progress. They are also asked to create a short individual plan identifying two strengths and two areas they see the need to address in order to improve overall performance as an examiner. This is not a required activity, but we encourage new examiners to spend this time immediately following their first year, as this self-reflection and planning may be beneficial for their personal and professional development.
2019 Examiner Skill Development Matrix Word


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Created January 24, 2011, Updated November 15, 2019