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Baldrige Collaborative Assessment Key Information

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The Baldrige Collaborative Assessment is NOT Being Offered at this Time.

We invite you to explore the rest of the Baldrige website to learn about our other program offerings and to contact our customer service staff at baldrige [at] if you have any questions.

How the Assessment Works

Baldrige Collaborative Assessments are structured to include a planning phase and an on-site phase. After the assessment you will receive a detailed report with recommendations and additional information to help your organization take action.

Planning Phase

During the planning phase, the organization will submit an Organizational Profile questionnaire that enables it to gain a better understanding of its operating environment, organizational relationships, and key strategic challenges and advantages. Other key documents are submitted to the team, as needed. A contact person from the organization will work with the examiner team leader to plan the assessment, including the scope and logistics.

On-Site Phase

The on-site assessment determines an organization's key strengths and opportunities for improvement against the Criteria for Performance Excellence and against the most important factors for the organization's success, as described in the Organizational Profile questionnaire.  

The 4½-day site visit phase consists of three activities conducted collaboratively by members of the examiner team and representatives from the organization. These activities include data collection, data analysis, and feedback formulation. This process generates ideas for capitalizing on the organization's strengths and addressing opportunities for improvement. At the conclusion of the site visit, organizational leaders participate in a closing meeting at which staff members present findings and high-priority recommendations. 

Feedback Report

Following the assessment, a detailed report is prepared and sent to your organization. It provides all the recommendations along with additional information to assist your organization in taking action on the recommendations.

Schedule Your Assessment Today!

The number of Baldrige Collaborative Assessments available is limited, so contact us today to schedule your assessment.
Baldrige Customer Service



April (Available through mid April)




(organizations with less than 500 employees) Includes all preparation work
*Plus hotel accommodations


(organizations with more than 500 employees)Includes all preparation work
*Plus hotel accommodations

What Organizations Are Saying

approach was ideal

Tammy Ignacio, Chief Administrative Officer, Alexandria City Public Schools

[The assessment] was beneficial in that it challenged us, again and again, to ask ourselves "what’s critical to the success of our organization?" ... The conversational approach was ideal.

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Created November 15, 2013, Updated April 21, 2022