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Application Content and Format

About the Award | How to Apply | Award Cycle Overview | Is Your Organization Eligible | Award Process Fees | The Feedback Report | Changes and Reminders

For the 2020 award cycle, please follow the content and format details linked below. We reserve the right to return incomplete applications and those that don't meet these requirements. If you have questions, please call the Helpline.

Award Process Helpline
1-877-237-9064, option 3


In your application, include information on all of your organization's units or subunits. Don't add links to websites. Examiners base their evaluations solely on information within your application. Your award application must contain the items listed in 2020 Application Content and Format Details in the order given.


Format your application according to the requirements in 2020 Application Content and Format Details. If your submission does not meet these requirements, we'll notify you that your application has been rejected. You will have 72 hours or until the original due date, whichever is later, to resubmit your application in the required format. For an example of the required format, see the 2019 LifeBridge Organ and Tissue Sharing Case Study.

Application Assembly

Assemble your application following all the guidelines listed in 2020 Application Content and Format Details.

Award Process Helpline
1-877-237-9064, option 3


Baldrige Excellence Framework
Baldrige Process Calendar
Changes and Reminders
Baldrige Process Integrity

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Created October 24, 2012, Updated April 3, 2020