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2019 Arthur S. Flemming Award - Andrew Ludlow

Andrew Ludlow

Andrew Ludlow

Andrew Ludlow of the Time and Frequency Division at NIST’s Physical Measurement Laboratory, was honored for groundbreaking progress in time metrology. From the Flemming citation:

“Dr. Ludlow led the development of the most accurate and precise clocks ever constructed. These `optical clocks’ are based on ultra-stabilized lasers and are 100-1000 times more stable and accurate than today's standard atomic clocks and will replace them one day as the ultimate timekeepers. His clocks filled a technical gap needed for advances in high-speed electronics and communications and ultra-precise navigation. Dr. Ludlow and his team have set world records for atomic clock precision and accuracy. They have proven the usefulness of these new clocks for a variety of applications including advancing the nation's official time scale and searching for dark matter.“


Created April 21, 2020, Updated April 16, 2021