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Name Organization Email Staff Type Expertise
Seth Adrian Boulder Design and Construction - HQ Ctr
Matthew Affolter Ion Storage Group matthew.affolter [at] Assoc
Sadaf Afkhami Acquisition Operations sadaf.afkhami [at] Fed
Raaghav Agarwal Thermodynamics Research Center Group raaghav.agarwal [at] Fed
Amarachukwu Agbim Materials for Energy and Sustainable Development Group amarachukwu.agbim [at] IntlAssoc
Robermath Agbogbe Nanomechanical Properties Group robermath.agbogbe [at] Assoc
Marc Agnese Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Anthony Agnew Emergency Services - HQ anthony.agnew [at] Ctr
Amit Agrawal Photonics and Optomechanics Group amit.agrawal [at] Fed Nanophotonics, Spectroscopy
Sristy Agrawal Computing and Communications Theory Group sristy.agrawal [at] IntlAssoc
Eduardo Aguayo Orozco Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Edwin Aguilar Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Anthony Aguilar Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Alfredo Aguilar Site Support Group alfredo.aguilar [at] Fed
David Aguilera Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Elba Aguirre Administrative Operations Group elba.aguirre [at] Fed
Roberto Agustin Araujo Facilities Modernization (Boulder) Group Ctr
Tyler Ahern Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Zeeshan Ahmed Thermodynamic Metrology Group zeeshan.ahmed [at] Fed
Nuha Ahmed-Babikir Alternative Computing Group nuha.ahmed-babikir [at] Assoc
Sanel Ahmetasevic Facilities Improvement (Boulder) Group Ctr
Ami Ahure Powell Functional Polymers Group louise.ahurepowell [at] Fed Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Materials
Ashlee Aiello Infrastructure Materials Group ashlee.aiello [at] Fed
Brandon Airth Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Lydia Ait Oucheggou Transformational Networks and Services Group lydia.aitoucheggou [at] IntlAssoc
Jason Ajmo National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence jason.ajmo [at] Ctr
Md Sabbir Akhanda Functional Nanostructured Materials Group mdsabbir.akhanda [at] IntlAssoc
John-Paul Akinbami Cell Systems Science Group john-paul.akinbami [at] IntlAssoc
Adjete Akovi Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Mehwish Akram National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence mehwish.akram [at] Ctr
Matthew Akre Facilities Improvement (Boulder) Group Ctr
David Akre Facilities Improvement (Boulder) Group Ctr
Murat Aksu Manipulation and Mobility Systems Group murat.aksu [at] Fed
Vladimir Aksyuk Photonics and Optomechanics Group vladimir.aksyuk [at] Fed
Akin Akturk Advanced Electronics Group akin.akturk [at] Assoc
Azin Al Kajbaf Applied Economics Office azin.alkajbaf [at] Assoc
Gorjan Alagic Cryptographic Technology Group gorjan.alagic [at] Assoc
Rohin Alam Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Eric Alanko Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Luis Alarcon Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group Ctr
Justin Albano Boulder Design and Construction - HQ Ctr
Lola Albarracin Facilities Services Division - HQ Assoc
Brian G. Alberding Remote Sensing Group brian.alberding [at] Fed
Victor V. Albert Computing and Communications Theory Group victor.albert [at] Fed Quantum information science
Darren Albert Research Services Office - HQ darren.albert [at] Assoc
Santos Alberto De Diaz Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group IntlCtr
Justin Albrecht Cognition and Collaboration Systems Group justin.albrecht [at] Fed
Gary L. Albright Emergency Services - HQ gary.albright [at] Fed
Daniel Alcantara Facilities Modernization (Boulder) Group Ctr
Neil Alderoty The Material Measurement Laboratory Office of Operations Group neil.alderoty [at] Fed