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Law Enforcement

NIST has long applied science and technology to the needs of the criminal justice community, including law enforcement, corrections, forensic science, and the fire service. NIST collaborates with national law enforcement technology centers, the forensic community and all segments of the criminal justice community.


For example, NIST Special Database 28 - National Software Reference Library is a collaboration of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Defense Computer Forensics Laboratory (DCFL), the U.S. Customs Service, software vendors, and state and local law enforcement organizations. This is an example of the application of technology to investigate crimes involving computers, such as child pornography, racketeering, cyber-attacks, illegal gambling, Internet fraud and software piracy.

The codes in the list below have the following meanings:

PC PC product, most available for purchase, some are free
Online Free online system
DG Inclusion in the NIST Data Gateway - a portal providing access to many NIST scientific and technical databases. It is searchable by keyword, property, or substance name.
* Product contains data that have undergone rigorous critical evaluation by experienced researchers who recommend best values.
Online Subscription Product is a yearly subscription web product.

Special DB 4 NIST 8-Bit Gray Scale Images of Fingerprint Image Groups, PC, DG
Special DB 9 NIST Mated Fingerprint Card Pairs, PC, DG
Special DB 10 NIST Supplemental Fingerprint Card Data, PC, DG
Special DB 14 NIST Mated Fingerprint Card Pairs II, PC, DG
Special DB 27 NIST Fingerprint Minutiae from Latent Matching Tenprint Images, PC, DG
Facial Recognition Technology Database (FERET), PC, DG
Special DB 29 NIST Plain and Rolled Images from Paired Fingerprint Cards, PC, DG
Special DB 30 NIST Dual Resolution Images from Paired Fingerprint Cards, PC, DG
Special DB 18 NIST Mugshot Identification Database, PC, DG
Special DB 28 NIST National Software Reference Library, PC, DG
Computer Forensics Tool Testing (CFTT) Project Web Site
SRD 130 Short Tandem Repeat DNA Internet Database, Online, DG, *
SRD 131 Human Mitochondrial Protein Database, Online, DG, *