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"This software was developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology by employees of the Federal Government in the course of their official duties. Pursuant to Title 17 Section 105 of the United States Code this software is not subject to copyright protection and is in the public domain. The NIST Data Flow System version 2 is an experimental system and is offered AS IS. NIST assumes no responsibility whatsoever for its use by other parties, and makes no guarantees and NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, about its quality, reliability, fitness for any purpose, or any other characteristic. We would appreciate acknowledgment if the software is used. This software can be redistributed and/or modified freely provided that any derivative works bear some notice that they are derived from it, and any modified versions bear some notice that they have been modified from the original."

Document Date/Release File name Type Size
NIST Data Flow System version 2 (sources) 07-10-2009 Smartflow2.tar.gz TAR.GZ 2.4 MB
NIST Data Flow System version 2 (Windows XP binary installer + sources) 07-21-2009 NDFSIISetup.exe EXE 10.9 MB
Java Wrapper for NDFS-II (sources) 07-21-2009 ZIP 130KB
NDFS-II Audio/Video Processing Library Coming soon

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