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The Web Control Center

Screenshot of the Web Control Center.

Screenshot of the Web Control Center.

A Web Control Center interface has recently been developed allowing a user to create and control NDFS-II applications from everywhere. It provides three main features.

First, you can use it to obtain a graphic representation of an existing NDFS-II application. The Web version of the Control Center also implements the application discovery capability. Second, the applet provides control to the user over an existing application. Thereby, you can start and stop all clients or only some of them.

Finally, the web interface allows one to build NDFS-II application. It is possible to allocate client nodes to hosts, connect these clients together through flows and start or stop the application or part of it. A description of application graphs (or map) can be saved for future reload.

The web interface is less complex than the C++ Control Center. But the C++ Control Center needs to be on a machine with a running NDFS-II server in order to take control of an application. The applet is running within a Web browser and has no need for a data flow server to be launched on the local host. It works well on every platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X...), only a web browser with the Java plugin is required.

Created on 2008-06-18 by Antoine Fillinger - Last updated on 2008-11-23 by Antoine Fillinger