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Web Control Center Installation

A web version of the Control Center is also provided with the system. It allows building and controlling application graphs from a web browser. In that case, it is then possible to build and control applications from computers where no prior installation of NDFS-II is required.

The Web Control Center needs however to be installed on a computer. It has been developed in Java and requires a Tomcat server to run.

You first need to install the NDFS-II on the machine. The last version of the Java Development Kit (JDK) is also required and is available on the Sun Java website (

The next step is to install a Tomcat Java server. You can download it on In addition you need to setup, build and run the following two modules:

  • The "Smartflow2JavaApplet":

    This module allows the Web Control Center module running on the Tomcat Java server to send requests to the data flow server using our Java wrapper.

    1. The environment variable TOMCAT_HOME must point to your Tomcat distribution directory.

    2. Compile and setup the module :

      Change your directory to java/tools/ControlCenterJavaVersion/Smartflow2JavaApplet and execute the following commands:

      javac dist/*.java
      javac *.java
      rmic -v1.2 ControlCenterServer
      cp -f *Stub* $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/ROOT/ControlCenter/build/classes/
      javah -jni SmartFlowJava

      If your are using Mac OS X please add this:

      cp libSmartFlowJava.dylib libSmartFlowJava.jnilib
    3. Before trying to run the module make sure that you have the sf2d server running.

      1. Set your Library Path:

        #Linux: export 
        #Mac OS X:
      2. Run the Java server:

        java ControlCenterServer
  • The "Web Control Center" module:

    This module programmed in Java to run on the Tomcat Server provides the same functionalities as the Control Center and can be seen as a clone of it.

    1. First, you need to start the Tomcat server.

      cd $TOMCAT_HOME/bin
    2. One way to deploy the applet is to copy both of the Control Center folder and the "ndfs2_doc_index.html" file located at java/tools/ControlCenterJavaVersion to your $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/ROOT folder.

Once this is done, you can try to access the Web Control Center using any Web browser using the address http://localhost from the computer you installed it on.

Created on 2008-06-18 by Antoine Fillinger - Last updated on 2008-11-23 by Antoine Fillinger