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Testing your installation

Now that the NDFS-II is installed, you can test it. To do so you first need to launch a NDFS-II server. The server executable 'sf2d' is located in Smartflow/bin/admin if you built the system using the qmake method, or in /usr/local/bin by default using the configure; make; make install method.

The server will open all necessary ports for incoming connections.

Once the server has been launched, go to the folder Smartflow/bin/clients and launch the client nodes example_provider_memcpy and example_consumer_memcpy.

The first client node sends double precision numbers to the second client. If you can see the data on the consumer side, the system is working properly.

You can perform this test within a machine and between machines to make sure the transport across the network is functional. In this last case, you need to start a data flow server on each host used for testing.

Created on 2008-06-18 by Antoine Fillinger - Last updated on 2008-11-23 by Antoine Fillinger