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Checking your firewall

The NDFS-II needs to have some ports opened for incoming connections to function properly. The data flow server needs the TCP ports 1713 to 1716 and the UPD port 20001 opened to operate. The TCP ports 25000 and some above need also to be opened for data transport.

Duplicators are the programs that transport the data. Each duplicator has a specific port; they take the first available port after 25000. Having the ports 25000 to 25050 opened allow you to handle 50 duplicators on a machine, i.e. 50 different instances of flows.

If you are running the NDFS-II under Windows XP, allow sf2d.exe and duplicator.exe to accept incoming connections

Created on 2008-06-18 by Antoine Fillinger - Last updated on 2008-11-23 by Antoine Fillinger