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Chapter 3. Overview of supported hardware and signal processing libraries

Supported architectures

Major hardware architectures are supported by the NDFS-II, including x86, PowerPC and AMD64 machines. By supported it means the core of the NDFS-II system will be usable and functional; some additional libraries used for signal processing may not be supported.

Customs flows are developed for the NDFS-II. Flows are usually under user scope, meaning that it is their responsibility to implement flows, and therefore to handle endianness differences.

For example, if the user creates a flow transporting audio data and acquires them on one architecture to process them on a different architecture, the user needs to make sure the data will be presented properly with the same byte order on the receiving host.

Some flows provided by the system are however endian free. Please look at the readme file or code documentation associated with each flow for more information about endianness support. Flows often have custom methods commented in the source files of the flow.

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