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Biotechnology and Biology (B), Chemistry (C), Engineering (E), Materials Science (M), Physics (P), Mathematics and Statistics(MS)


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1. (C) C. R. Kinsinger: Computational Studies of Mechanisms of Peptide-Ion Fragmentation

2. (C) M. Bedner & W. A. MacCrehan: Transformations of Pharmaceutical Compounds by Chlorination Processes

3. (C) N. G. Dodder, et al.: Analysis of Three Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) Isomers by C30 Liquid Chromatography and Tandem Mass Spectrometry
4. (E) B. Muralikrishnan, et al.: Metrology of Small Holes and Micro Features

5. (P) W. C. Uhlig, et al.: Nanoscale SEMPA measurements of trapped domain walls in thin film NiFe constrictions

6. (M) T. H. Epps, et al.: Ordered Network Phases in Linear Poly(Isoprene-b-Styrene-b-Ethylene Oxide) Triblock Copolymers
7. (P) K. Siegrist, et al.: THz Spectroscopy of Small Polypeptides

8. (M) E. A. Wilder, et al.: High-throughput modulus measurements for screening of dental materials

9. (M) K. S. Wilson, et al.: Interphase structure-property relationships in dental nanocomposites

10. (C) C. Y. Sheng: Chemical Characterization of Aerosol Particles in a Heptane Flame

11. (C) M. J. Vergne, et al.: Mass Spectrometry Studies on the Reproducibility of Protein Digestion

12. (B) M. Mihailescu, et al.: Neutron diffraction in membrane research. The Advanced Neutron Diffractometer/Reflectometer

13. (C) K. A. Lippa, et al.: Molecular Simulation of Alkylsilane Stationary Phases in Liquid Chromatography

14. (C) D. P. McDaniel, et al.: Rigidity of collagen fibers affects smooth muscle cell morphology

15. (B) G. Caliskan, et al.: Folding mechanism of Azoarcus Intron Ribozyme

16. (P) J. N. Crain, et al.: End States in One-Dimensional Atom Chains

17. (E) M. Souryal, et al.: Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: Channel-Adaptive Protocols for Exploiting Spatial Diversity

18. (P) G. Cheng, et al.: Synthesis, Characterization and manipulation of Magnetic Nanoparticles

19. (C) J. E. Curtis, et al.: Computational Chemistry and Neutron Scattering of Biological and Materials Systems

20. (C) S. B. Howerton, et al.: Standard Reference Materials Derived From Ginkgo biloba

21. (C) A. Opdahl, et al.: Single stranded (ss) DNA Brushes with Grafting Density Controlled by Adenine Nucleotide Adsorption on Gold

22. (P) M. Andersen, et al.: Quantum Resonances in a Bose-Einstein Condensate

23. (B) J. S. Stephens, et al.: Development of In Situ Imaging Capabilities to Investigate Cell/Scaffold Interactions in Tissue Engineering Constructs

24. (B) J. Camara, et al.: A Nucleotide Switch as the Predominant Mechanism Preventing Re-initiation of DNA Replication in Escherichia coli

25. (P) J. Hanssen, et al.: Laser Cooled Atoms as a Focused Ion Beam Source

26. (M) Z. T. Cygan, et al.: Microfluidic Platform for the Generation of Polymer Colloids

27. (P) W. Ratcliff, et al.: Magnetic Phase Diagram of the Giant Magnetoelectric, DyMn2O5

28. (P) D. S. Hussey, et al.: Coded Source Imaging:Initial investigations with visible light and thermal neutrons

29. (P) W. Chen, et al.: Polarized 3He spin filters for neutron scattering

30. (P) A. Jofre, et al.: Transport and Confinement of DNA within Polymer nano-tubes


32. (P) H. P. Mumm, et al.: The emiT Experiment: A Search for Time-reversal Invariance Violation in Neutron Beta Decay

33. (C) H. J. Lee, et al.: Chemical Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes by Metallization/Coordination

34. (B) J. A. Cooper Jr.: Engineered Cartilage Development using Pulsatile Bioreactors: Influence of Fluid Stress on Matrix Production

35. (B) B. M. Vogel, et al.: Parallel Synthesis and High-Throughput Characterization of Polyanhydride Random Copolymers for Controlled Drug Delivery Applications

36. (C) J. C. Ball, et al.: Cell-Based Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Using Semiconductor Nanocrystal Probes in a Microfluidic Channel

37. (P) N. A. Anderson, et al.: Sum-Frequency Study of Biomolecular Structure at Interfaces

38. (B) N. J. Lin, et al.: Effects of Bis-GMA/TEGDMA Vinyl Conversion Levels on Cellular Response: A Combinatorial Approach

39. (P) E. Edgu-Fry, et al.: Fusion of Giant Unilamellar Liposomes

40. (P) C. Fertig, et al.: Neutral Atoms in an Optical Lattice for Quantum Information Processing

41. (B) A. M. Crawford, et al.: Single Molecule Detection in Optically Trapped Nanocontainers

42. (M) B. Nikoobakht, et al.: A New Approach for Fabricating Nanowire Based Devices: Platforms for Nanoscale Metrology

43. (B) T. Dutta Roy, et al.: In Vivo Characterization of 3D Bone Repair Scaffolds with Controlled Architectures Fabricated Via Rapid Prototyping Techniques

44. (M) C. J. Martinez, et al.: Engineering of Porous, Tin Oxide Nanoparticle Microshells for Sensor Applications

45. (C) C. S. Lo, et al.: Density Functional Theory Investigations on the Structure and Reactivity of Aqueous Hematite (a-Fe2O3) Surfaces

46. (C) J. B. Hutchison, et al.: Photopolymerizations for Micro- and Nanofluidics

47. (M) T. W. Kee: Rapid Biological and Chemical Imaging using Broadband CARS Microscopy

48. (M) H. W. Ro, et al.: Nanoporous PMSSQ-based spin-on-glass films for ultra-low-dielectric thin film applications

49. (P) I. Mandelbaum, et al.: Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Biomolecules Encapsulated in Liposomes

50. (P) R. Dumke, et al.: Measuring Atom-Molecule Superposition States

51. (M) S. Kang, et al.: Analysis of Poly(lactic acid) Amorphous Chain Structure Associated with Crystallization and Deformation Behavior

52. (P) O. P. Vajk, et al.: Magnetic Order and Spin Dynamics in Ferroelectric HoMnO3

53. (M) V. K. Peterson: Using Quasielastic Neutron Spectroscopy to Investigate Cement:

Special Interactions of Tricalcium and Dicalcium Silicate during Hydration

54. (C) M. C. Gurau, et al.: A Combined Optical Approach to Structural Determination of Semi-Conducting Polymer Thin Films

55. (B) S. P. Forry, et al.: Culturing Neural Cells for Microfluidic Networks

56. (*) M. A. Forbes: Capacitated Vehicle Routing and the k-Delivery n-Traveling Salesman Problem

57. (*) A. A. Fraeman: Modeling the Distribution of Comets Around the Star IRC +10216

58. (*) S. Y. Geng: Automated Seizure Detection Using Statistical Analysis of EEG Time-Domain Signals

59. (*) J. A. Kovac: The Effects of Warm Core Rings on Hurricane Intensification in the Gulf of Mexico


*Blair Student Finalists in National Intel Science Search



Author, poster number

Andersen 22

Anderson 37

Ball 36

Bedner 2
Caliskan 15

Camara 24

Chen 29

Cheng 18

Cooper 34

Crain 16

Crawford 41

Curtis 19

Cygan 26


Dodder 3
Dumke 50

Dutta Roy 43

Edgu-Fry 39

Epps 6

Fertig 40

Forbes 56

Forry 55

Fraeman 57

Geng 58

Gurau 54

Hanssen 25 Howerton 20

Hutchison 46

Hussey 28

Jofre 30

Kang 51

Kee 47

Keller 31

Kinsinger 1
Kovac 59

Lee 33

Lin 38

Lippa 13

Lo 45

Mandelbaum 49

Martinez 44

McDaniel 14

Mihailescu 12 Mumm 32 Muralikrishnan 4

Nikoobakht 42

Opdahl 21

Peterson 53

Ratcliff 27

Ro 48

Sheng 10

Siegrist 7

Souryal 17

Stephens 23 Uhlig 5

Vajk 52

Vergne 11

Vogel 35

Wilder 8

Wilson 9


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