A New Approach for Fabricating Nanowire Based Devices:   Platforms for Nanoscale Metrology

Babak Nikoobakht  and Stephan J. Stranick  

 Surface and Microanalysis Science Division, CSTL


The issue of controlling the growth direction and positioning of nanowires (NWs) is of considerable interest in nanotechnology applications and future optoelectronic devices.  In this work a horizontal growth mode for ZnO NWs on the  sapphire surface is demonstrated.  NWs are grown via a vapor-phase transport process using an Au catalyst.  This growth mode strictly depends on the size and spacing of the Au nanodroplet catalysts and competes with the vertical growth mode of the NWs.  An approach is presented which promotes the horizontal growth, in situ alignment, and predictable positioning of ZnO NWs.  This method also allows to preparing narrow NWs with controlled widths down to a few nanometers.  Results of our current nanodevice fabrication using electron-beam lithography and opto-electrical studies of these NWs along with atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) characterization of NWs will be presented.



Presenting author:  Babak Nikoobakht

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Category: Materials