Abstract and authors:



Magnetic Phase Diagram of the Giant Magnetoelectric, DyMn2O5

W. Ratcliff, V. Kiryukhin, M.A. Kenzelmann, S.-H. Lee, R. Erwin, N. Hur,

S. Park, and S-W. Cheong


It has been recently found that DyMn_2O_5 develops a spontaneous electric

polarization below the Neel ordering temperature.  Furthermore, this

spontaneous polarization can be switched by the application of a

magnetic field.  We have performed neutron diffraction measurements on a

single crystal, and have found that anomalies in the dielectric constant

and the polarization are correlated with magnetic transitions induced by

field or temperature.  The magnetic phase diagram of this system has been

determined and the results show how it corresponds to the spontaneous

polarization and anomalies in the dielectric constant.