Postdoctoral Abstracts

Fifth Annual Sigma Xi Postdoctoral Poster Presentation

February 18, 1998; Lecture Rooms A , B and Hall

11 a.m. to 3 p.m

NIST, Gaithersburg MD

For more information: Info | Dr. Barbara C. Levin, 301-975-6682,

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  1. Engineering
    1. Battaglia Simulations of Planar Flapping Jets...
    2. McFadden Personal Identification by Ear Images
    3. Pochan Determination of the Glass Transition in Polymer Thin Films
    4. Widmann Benchmark Spray Combustion Database
    5. Koning Measurements of Surface Structures with the Calibrated AFM
    6. Chung The Effect Of Acoustic Modulation On Spray Characteristics
    7. White ..Technique to Measure the Glass Transition of Ultra-Thin Polymer Films
    8. Kendrick Characterization of Gas Interactions with Organic Semiconductors...
    9. Slusher Estimation of Infinite Dilution Activity Coefficients...
    10. Delin Aging Effects on Craze Growth Under Stress Relaxation Conditions
  2. Mathematics
    1. Fabijonas Computation of special functions: Application to Airy functions
  3. Physics
    1. Hamelin The Static Dielectric Constant of Liquid Water
    2. Kalukin 3-D X-ray Imaging of Nanosized Circuits
    3. Mourtada Catheter-based 32P Wire Source
    4. Racz Radiometric... characterization of ... dosimeter papers
    5. Bergeson Ultra-cold Plasma Physics at NIST
    6. Dunmore Fourier Instrumentation for Radiation Thermometry
    7. Minniti Interaction of fast grazing-incidence ions with a silicon(100) surface
    8. Lee Additive-Induced Spherical Spinodal Waves
    9. Ravel Ferroelectric Phase Transitions in BaTiO3 Studied by DAFS
    10. Tulchinsky Exchange coupling in epitaxial Fe/Mn/Fe structures
    11. Guyer Morphological Stability and Compositional Uniformity of Alloy Thin Films
    12. Owens Growth and Analysis of Near Ideal Thin Films and Multilayers
    13. Mitch Characterization Of 126I-Labeled Fullerenes By Multiphoton Detection.
    14. Cerrada Creep Behavior And Physical Aging Influence In PEN Film
  4. Chemistry
    1. Hendricks Metal and Ceramic Thin Film Growth
    2. Scott Synthesis and Characterization of Fe-Co Alloy Nanoparticles
    3. Kellogg Gas Phase Thermochemistry of FeO...Flame Suppressant
    4. Heimer Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy of ...Photovoltaic Devices.
    5. Walton ... Metal-Oxide Thin Films for Microfabricated Gas Sensors
    6. Myers Electron Microscopy ... of a-C and ta-C Coated Mo Field Emitters
    7. Miller .. Measurement of .. Reaction Dynamics of the CH4 · O3 .. Complex
  5. Biotechnology
    1. Levicky Structure and Hybridization of Surface-Tethered DNA
    2. Steel Electrochemical Quantitation of DNA Immobilized on Gold
    3. Dalluge Determination of Troponin Subunits in Human Plasma ...
    4. Burden Mutated Nanometer Scale Pores for Ion Selective Analysis
  6. Biophysics
    1. DeRose Near-Field ... Optical Microscopy for Imaging ... Biomembranes
    2. Ivkov Small Angle Neutron Scattering Studies of a Novel Living Polymer: Actin