Synthesis and Characterization of Fe-Co Alloy Nanoparticles

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John Henry J. Scott and Dale E. Newbury
Microanalysis Research Group
Surface and Microanalysis Science Division (837)
Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory


FeCo nanoparticles are synthesized using a radio frequency (RF) plasma torch. These alloy nanoparticles (~50 nm diameter) are nucleated in the gas phase from a vapor produced by evaporating much larger metal powder precursors (~10 µm diameter) in the thermal plasma. To study the effects of precursor homogeneity on the synthesis, two different starting materials were used: (1) pre-alloyed FeCo powder produced by inert gas atomization, and (2) a mixture of commercial elemental Fe and Co powders. X-ray powder diffraction, SEM, TEM, and x-ray microanalysis were used to characterize the morphology, structure, and chemical homogeneity of the precursors and products. Both starting materials produced alloy product, but nanoparticles produced from pre-alloyed precursors exhibit smaller variations in Fe/Co ratio than particles produced from elemental powders.