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Biotechnology and Biology (B), Chemistry (C), Engineering (E), Materials Science (M), Physics (P), Mathematics and Statistics(MS)


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1. (M) T. Psurek and J. Obrzut: Dielectric relaxation in semiconducting regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene)

2. (M) J. A. Fagan: Optical Properties of Aligned Single Wall Carbon Nanotube / Polymer Composites

3. (P) W. C. Uhlig and J. Unguris: Direct observation of current driven domain wall distortions, transitions, and propagation in NiFe nanowires
4. (C) J. K. Merle: Kinetic Studies of Peptide Fragmentation in

Tandem Mass Spectrometry

5. (C) C. R. Kinsinger: Efficient Conformational Searching of Gas-Phase Peptides

6. (B) C. Stanley, et al.: Conformational Changes in Guanylate Kinase Studied by Osmotic Stress and SANS

7. (M) A. Rao: Dissolution Fundamentals of Polyelectrolyte Photoresists

8. (P) J. Sebby-Strabley, et al.: A lattice of double wells for manipulating pairs of cold atoms

9. (M) J. J. Benkoski: Directed self-assembly of nanoscale building blocks through coded bonding potentials

10. (P) S. D. Dalosto: X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Calculations in Combination with QM/MM Methods. Applications to Metalloproteins

11. (M) W. Zhou and T. Yildirim: Structure, Dynamics and Rotational Tunneling of Methane in Metal-Organic Frameworks

12. (B) I. Mandelbaum and A. R. H. Walker: Assembly and Characterization of Nano-Complexes: Quantum Dot Encapsulated Liposomes

13. (M) R. J. Kline and E. K. Lin: New Polythiophenes with Large Domains and High Mobilities

14. (P) Z. Li, et al.: UV Depolarizer Based on Integrating Sphere for Irradiance Calibration at SURF III

15. (M) B. M. Vogel, et al.: Effect of Chemically Modified Dielectric Interfaces on Semiconducting Polymer Chain Orientation

16. (M) K. A. Lavery: Fundamentals of the Reaction-Diffusion Process in Chemically Amplified Photoresists

17. (C) R. M. Heltsley, et al.: Reproductive Effects of the Pharmaceutical Fluoxetine on Native Freshwater Mussels

18. (M) V. R. Tirumala: Enhanced order in thinfilms of Pluronic (A-B-A) and Brij (A-B) block copolymers blended with poly(acrylic acid) (C)

19. (M) T. Tominaga: Small angle neutron scattering study to determine the structure of high strength hydrogels

20. (M) C. Wang: Roughness Characterization of Nanoscale Structures with Small Angle X ray Scattering

21. (C) T. T. To and E. J. Heilweil: Studies of Solvent Effects on Novel Molecular Photoswitches using Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy


23. (M) S. Kang: Copolymer fraction effect on the acid catalyzed reaction kinetics in model 193 nm photoresists

24. (B) N. J. Lin, et al.: Bioassays to Evaluate Cellular Response to Dental Resins

with Continuous Gradients in Vinyl Conversion

25. (C) C. S. Lo: Pb(II) adsorption to hydrated α-Fe2O3 (1-102), studied via density functional theory

26. (M) H. Zhao, et al.: Interferometric Broadband Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering microscopy

27. (M) Y. Jung: Molecular orientation of conjugated polymers in organic electronics devices

28. (P) J. W. Lau: TEM study of remnant domain state correlation to relaxation rate and vortex nucleation barrier measurements in patterned Permalloy elements

29. (P) A.M. Jofre, et al.: Optically trapped femtoliter containers for single molecule studies

30. (M) J. Grobelny, et al.: Environmental effects on adhesion forces in nanosystem applications


32. (B) J. R. Smith: An Infrared Spectroscopy Technique for Measuring Relative Changes in Conformation of Proteins Adsorbed to Biomaterials Surfaces

33. (M) B. Okerberg and H. Marand: Morphological Studies of Crystallization in Thin Films of PEO/PMMA Blends

34. (M) H. W. Ro: The Direct Patterning of Porous Low-k Films by Nanoimprint Lithography

35. (B) M. Kipper: Quantifying Cell Migration on Covalent Peptide Gradient Surfaces

36. (B) J. Sharma: Fast Dynamics Link to Protein Stability in Glasses and Hydrogen-Bond Network Lifetime

37. (B) Y. Ni, et al.: Mechanics of Cell Morphology Linked to Substrate Rigidity

38. (M) L. Lucas: Combinatorial Investigation of Organic Thin Film Transistors

39. (MS) A. Hornikova and J. Filliben: An Accelerated Lifetime Approach for Estimating the Durability of CDs & DVDs

40. (M) H. Wu, et al.: Hydrogen Storage Properties and Phase Variation Studies in the Destabilized CaH2+Si System

41. (B) F. Heinrich, et al.: Amyloid b Peptide – Mechanisms of Alzheimer’s Toxicity

42. (C) A. M. Peck, et al.: Hexabromocyclododecane in White-Sided Dolphins (Lagenorhynchus acutus) Stranded on the Northeastern United States Coast

43. (P) H. J. Kang: Magnetism and superconductivity in high temperature superconducting cuprates

44. (B) T. Dutta Roy1, et al.: Osteoblast Adhesion on 3D Rapid Prototyped Scaffolds

45. (M) B. Berry and T. Viswanathan: Water-Dispersible Magnetic Polyaniline Nanocomposites

46. (P) F. W. Strauch: Relativistic Quantum Walks

47. (M) T. Q. Chastek: Polymer Characterization on a Microfluidic Chip

48. (C) J. Camara: Development of a Reference Method for the Quantitation of B-type Natriuretic Peptide in Serum by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

49. (M) V. Bajpai: Chromatographic separation of Single Walled Carbon nanotubes

50. (M) R. Wagner: Simulation of Phase Transformations During Nanoindentation of Silicon

51. (B) B. Nablo, et al.: Biophysical properties of the Bacillus anthracis PA63 ion channel

52. (P) M. Andersen, et al.: Rotating a Bose-Einstein condensate using photons with orbital angular momentum

53. (C) C. Xu: Design and Characterization of Polymer Brush Gradients

54. (B) N. D. Gallant, et al.: Bioactive Surface Gradients to Investigate Cell-Substrate Interactions

55. (M) T. T. Chastek, et al.: Functionalized Synthetic Clays Designed for Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites

56. (P) C. F. McCormick, et al.: Generating Correlated Photons for Laser-Cooled Atoms

57. (M) K. A. Page and R. B. Moore: Influence of Electrostatic Interactions on Chain Dynamics and Morphological Development in Perfluorosulfonate Ionomer Membranes

58. (P) J. L. Hanssen and J. J. McClelland: Laser Cooled Atoms as a Focused Ion Beam Source

59. (P) P. Johnson: Matter-wave de-excitation in reduced dimensions

60. (C) L. B. Picraux, et al.: Valence electronic structure of oligo(phenylene vinylene)thiolate self-assembled monolayers on gold

61. (M) J. Johnson and M. Cicerone: Protein Preservation in Sugar Glasses

62. (M) Y. Liu, et al.: Investigating structural and dyanmical information of H2 inside materials

63. (M) X. Hu, et al.: Combinatorial Adhesion Test

64. (M) S. E. Barnes, et al.: Spectroscopic monitoring of polymerization in microfluidic channels

65. (M) S. Tinte, et al.: First principles based simulation of the ferroelectric to relaxor transition as a function of pressure in Pb(Sc1/2Nb1/2)O3

66. (M) J.H. Kim, et al.: High-throughput measurement system for interfacial reliability of epoxy/copper adhesion

67. (E) M. Souryal, et al.: Wireless Multihop Communications for First Responder Connectivity

68. (M) H. Huang: Construction of Combinatorial Library to Study Adhesion in a Multilens Measurement Platform

69. (B) Pierre-Alain Auroux1, et al.: Microfluidic-based DNA amplification by microwave heating for forensic applications

70. (P) E. Gomez, et al.: Electromagnetically Induced Collisional Transparency

71. (C) S. L. Garrison: Theoretical Exploration of Mechanisms for the Formation of a Yellow ‘Polymer’ Residue During Phosphine Fumigation

72. (B) D. McDaniel, et al.: Development of Advanced Tools for the Monitoring of Cell Cryopreservation Conditions - Applications for Marine Cell Lines

73. (E) C. McGray: Stress Compensation for CMOS-Integrated Micro-electromechanical Systems

74. (C) J. Mann: Measurement of sulfur isotope composition in two high-elevation snowpits by Multiple-Collector Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (MC-TIMS) using a 33S-36S Double Spike

75. (C) R. J. Magyar: Exact solutions of the excited-state spectrum from a one-dimensional model compared to results from density functional and Hubbard methods




Author, poster number

Andersen 52

Auroux1 69

Bajpai 49

Barnes 64

Benkoski 9

Berry 45

Camara 48

T. Q. Chastek 47

T. T. Chastek 55

Dalosto 10

Dutta Roy1 44

Fagan 2

Gallant 54

Garrison 71

Gomez 70

Grobelny 30

Hanssen 58

Heinrich 41

Heltsley 17

Hornikova 39

Hu 63

Huang 68

Jofre 29

Johnson 59

J. Johnson 61

Jung 27

Kang 23

H. J. Kang 43

Kim 66

Kinsinger 5

Kipper 35

Kline 13

Kociolek 31

Lau 28

Lavery 16

Li 14

Lin 24

Liu 62

Lo 25

Lucas 38

Magyar 75

Mandelbaum 12

Mann 74

McCormick 56

McDaniel 72

McGray 73

Merle 4

Nablo 51

Ni 37

Okerberg 33

Page 57

Peck 42

Picraux 60

Psurek 1

Rao 7

Ro 34

Sebby-Strabley 8

Sharma 36

Sinte 65

Smith 32

Souryal 67

Stanley 6

Strauch 46

Tirumala 18

To 21

Tominaga 19

Uhlig 3

Vogel 15

Wagner 50

Wang 20

Wu 40

Xu 53

Zammarano 22

Zhao 26

Zhou 11




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