High-throughput measurement system for interfacial reliability of epoxy/copper adhesion


J.H. Kim, M.Y.M. Chiang, D. Kawaguchi1, G. Royston2 and C.M. Stafford


Polymers Division, MSEL, NIST

1Nagoya University, Dept. of Applied Chemistry, Nagoya, Japan

2 The University of Sheffield, Dept. of Chemistry, Sheffield, UK


We are developing a measurement platform for combinatorial and high-throughput (C&HT) assessment of interfacial reliability in thermally cured epoxy materials, which is based on the edge lift-off test geometry. A critical parameter space for this research is generating a compositional gradient of the epoxy formulation on the copper substrate. We have constructed an automated mixing and deposition system for the creation of discrete and continuous gradients in composition of a thermally cured epoxy system. By dicing the combinatorial library into a contiguous discrete sample array, the interfacial adhesion strength can be deduced from the critical stress required to debond each film cell from the copper substrate. These results can be used to predict the adhesion reliability of epoxy formulations as a function of composition and applied stress.



Post-Doc: Jae Hyun Kim

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