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Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the NRC Postdoctoral Program at NBS/NIST 


The 11th Annual Sigma Xi Postdoctoral Poster Presentation
11 am to 3 pm,Thursday, February 19, 2004
Hallway outside Lecture Rooms A and B
Refreshments will be served
Category code:
Biotechnology and Biology (B), Chemistry (C), Engineering (E), Materials Science (M), Physics (P), Mathematics and Statistics(MS)
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1. (P) J.M. Grossman Realization of a quantum random walk with ultracold atoms
2. (MS) Adriana Horníková Evaluation of Inter-laboratory Comparisons(Acrobat reader download)
3. (C) Brian J. Polk Stabilizing Planar Micro-Machined Micro-Reference Electrodes
4. (B) Jeremy Pencer Influence of Cholesterol and Temperature on the Thickness of SOPC and DOPC Unilamellar Vesicles measured by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
5. (E) Son H. Bui Internet-based Surface Metrology Algorithm Testing System
6. (M) Erin L. Jablonski Surface Effects in Chemically Amplified Photoresists: Environmental Stability and Segregation
7. (M) Kristen Wilson O’Brien Structure-Property Relationships of Thermoset Methacrylate Composites as a Function of Resin Matrices, Nanofillers, and Nanofiller Surface Chemistries
8. (C) Nathan G. Dodder Quantitation of Intact Proteins by Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS)
9. (B) Elizabeth A. WilderOrganogelators and their application in bioactive dental composites
10. (C) Heather M. StapletonDetermination of Brominated Flame Retardants in Household Dust using GC/ECNI-MS
11. (M) Michael Lufaso Crystal Chemistry and Structure-Property Relationships of Dielectric Ceramic Materials (Acrobat reader download)
12. (P) Wangchun Chen Polarized Neutron Reflectometry of a Patterned Magnetic Film with a 3He analyzer and a Position Sensitive Detector
13. (M) Jai A. PathakPurely Elastic Flow Instability, Curved Streamlines and Mixing in Microfluidic Flows
14. (MS) David L. Cotrell Centrifugal Buoyancy Effects on the Linear Stability of Spiral Poiseuille Flow
15. (M) Babak Nikoobakht Controlling The Growth Direction of ZnO Nanowires (NWs) on c and a -Plane Sapphire
16. (M) Arnaud Chiche Peel test revisited using novel high throughput methods
17. (E) Nadia Machkour-Deshayes Deconvolution method applied to the study of a surface current density in a low voltage breaker arc thanks magnetic measures
18. (M) Semen B. Kharchenko  Non-Linear Transport Properties of Carbon Nanotube Filled Polypropylene
19. (E) Guixiu Qiao  Changing the Way of Manufacturing --- Approach to Realize Mass Customization Manufacturing
20. (C) Samuel B. Howerton and Catherine A. Rimmer Standard Reference Material Development for Dietary Supplements derived from Ginkgo biloba
21. (B) Jean S Stephens Exploring the Effects of Electrospinning Processing Protocols on Fiber Surface Morphology and Polymer Chain Conformation
22. (C) David M. Matheu Automated Construction of Pressure-Dependent Gas-Phase Kinetic Models:  New Pathways for Old Problems
23. (M) Norbert M. Nemes Hydration-kinetics and Water Content of Cement Quasi-Elastic Neutron Spectroscopy Studies
24. (C) Karin M. Balss Chiral Separations by Temperature Gradient Focusing
25. (P) Kevin Van Workum  Monte Carlo Simulations of the Equilibrium Polymerization in the Stockmayer Model
26. (C) Stephanie J. Wetzel Significant Parameters in the Optimization of MALDI-TOF-MS
27. (P) B. M. Fisher Search for the Radiative Decay Mode of the Neutron
28. (M) Christopher M. Stafford High Throughput Measurement of the Elastic Modulus of Polymer Thin Films
29. (B) Forrest A. Landis Simultaneous Optical Coherence and Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Imaging of Poly(e-Caprolactone) Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
30. (P) David Dunmire Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy in a Microfluidic Device
31. (P) Guangjun Cheng Synthesis of Bioconjugated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Magneto-Raman Study
32. (M) Dean M. DeLongchamp Engineering the electrochromism of layer-by-layer assembled films
33. (B) Nicole Y. Morgan  Fabrication of a microfluidic flow-through immunoassay for simultaneous detection of multiple cytokines
34. (C) R. David Holbrook Characterization of Colloidal Material from Natural and Engineered Waters --
Investigating Structure-Function Relationships through Microanalysis
35. (B) Matthew L. Becker Quantitative Response Measurement of Cell Substrate Interactions via RT-PCR
36. (M) Aaron M. Forster High-Throughput Adhesion Testing of Combinatorial Libraries with Multi-lens Arrays
37. (M) Yu Zhang Damage Modes in Dental Crown Multilayer Structures
38. (P) Nicolai Nygaard Superfluid Atomic Fermi Gas With a Vortex
39. (M) Yu-Hsin Lee Relaxation Behavior and Optical Transmission of Nylon/Clay Nanocomposites Monitored During Compounding by an Online Dielectric Sensor
40. (M) Howard J. Walls Development of a Combinatorial Rheometer for Polymer Formulations
41. (C) Bryan D. Vogt Water absorption in thin photoresist films
42. (C) Christina A. Hacker Monolayer Formation on Semiconductor and Gold Surfaces for Molecular Electronics
43. (C) Wenhua Zhang Informatics Infrastructure for Combinatorial and High-throughput Laboratory Research Built on Open Source Code
44. (MS) Stephen S. Bullock Matrix Decompositions and Entanglement Dynamics
45. (B) Darwin R. Reyes Selective Adhesion of Antibodies on Patterned Polyelectrolytes within Microfluidic Networks
46. (P) Chad Fertig and Ken O’Hara Superfluid-to-Mott-Insulating Transition in a One-Dimensional Atomic Gas
47. (M) Alexander I. Norman Scattering Methods Applied to High Throughput Materials Science Research
48. (M) Jae-Hyun Kim  A simple methodology for observing mechanical properties of nanocomposite
Part 1: interfacial properties in an Epoxy Clay Nanocomposites.  Part 2: Investigation of interfacial properties in E-glass fiber model composites
49. (B) Gokhan Caliskan Salt dependence of RNA collapse transition
50. (P)  D. Fry Optical Anisotropy in Viscoelastic Carbon Nanotube Suspensions
51. (M) Carlos J. Martinez  Porous Tin Oxide Nanostructured Microspheres for Sensor Applications
52. (E) Jason J. Gorman  Models and Control Approaches for the Microassembly of Microelectromechanical Systems
53. (P) W. Ratcliff Magnetic Structure of ZnCr2O4
54. (M) O. Anopchenko High-Frequency Dielectric Relaxation in Trehalose-Glycerol Mixtures
55. (M) George W Quinn Computer Modeling of Crack Propagation in Biaxially-Stressed Glass Disks
56. (P) Erge Edgu-Fry A New Optical Tweezers Technique Using a Holographic Crystal
57. (M) Kenji Kano Dielectric and Conductive Properties of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate)/Single Wall Carbon Nanotube composites
58. (P) Joseph Reiner  Hydrosomes and Optical Tweezers: What can we do with the world’s smallest test tubes?
59. (M) Duangrut Julthongpiput  Micropatterning of Organosilane Self-Assembled Momolayers with Gradient Surfaces for Advanced SPM Nanometrology
60. (C) Jennifer Michelle Keller Organochlorine contaminant concentrations in healthy versus debilitated loggerhead sea turtles
61. (E) Tengjiao Hu Line-edge roughness and side-wall angle measurements of nanoscale patterns by small angle X-ray scattering
62. (P) Owen Vajk Quantum Percolation in a Two-Dimensional Heisenberg Antiferromagnet
63. (E) Li Ma Modeling, Simulation and Prediction of Rockwell Hardness Indentation
64. (P) F. Matthew Woodward Low Dimensional Magnetism in the Molecular Magnet Cu(pz)2(ClO4)2.
65. (M) Douglas C. Meier Effects of Materials Chemistry and Morphology on Conductometric Sensor Signals
66. (M) Zema Chowdhuri ZrBe2H0.6: an investigation into the two-dimensional diffusion of hydrogen using neutrons
67. (M) Tao Wu A new synthetic method for controlled polymerization of HPMA using a microfluidic system
68. (P) R. Dumke Photoassociation spectroscopy of the lowest triplet potential of Na2
69. (B) Yan Deng Dynamical adhesion force of cells on biomaterial substrates
70. (B) Jeff Krogmeier Probing the Optical Properties of Single Quantum Dots

Author, poster number
Anopchenko 54
Balss 24
Becker 35
Bui 5
Bullock 44
Caliskan 49
Cheng 31
Chiche 16
Chowdhuri 66
Cotrell 14
Damage 37
DeLongchamp 32
Deng 69
Dodder 8
Dumke 68
Dunmire 30
Edgu-Fry 56

Fertig 46
Fisher 27
Forster 36
Fry 50
Gorman 52
Grossman 1
Hacker 42
Holbrook 34
Horníková 2
Howerton 20
Hu 61
Jablonski 6
Julthongpiput 59
Kano 57
Keller 60
Kharchenko 18
Kim 48
Krogmeier 70

Landis 29
Lee 39
Lufaso 11
Ma 63
Machkour-Deshayes 17
Martinez 51
Matheu 22
Meier 65
Morgan 33
Nemes 23
Nikoobakht 15
Norman 47
Nygaard 38
O’Brien 7
Pathak 13
Pencer 4
Polarized 12
Polk 3

Qiao 19
Quinn 55
Ratcliff 53
Reiner 58
Reyes 45
Stafford 28
Stapleton 10
Stephens 21
Vajk 62
Vogt 41
Walls 40
Wetzel 26
Wilder 9
Woodward 64
Workum 25
Wu 67
Zhang 43

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