Photoassociation spectroscopy of the

lowest triplet potential of Na2

Rainer Dumke, Michael Johanning, Jonathan Weinstein, Paul Lett

Atomic Physics Division, Physics Laboratory

We have performed a type of Autler-Townes spectroscopy to investigate the level structure of the triplet ground state potential of the sodium dimer. By driving photoassociation transitions with continuous-wave lasers, we state-selectively form excited-state molecules from ultracold sodium atoms. By using a second laser to drive transitions from the excited state to the triplet ground state, we have been able to measure over 100 individual rovibrational and hyperfine states with a typical accuracy of 15 MHz. This is an improvement of roughly three orders of magnitude over previous work.
We are currently completing construction of a new apparatus which will use similar techniques to produce, magnetically trap, and state-selectively detect sodium molecules. Progress towards using this apparatus to measure ultracold atom-molecule scattering properties will be discussed.



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