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A laser-scanning confocal microscope for ultraviolet photoluminescence spectroscopy with diffraction-limited spatial resolution

Jason E. Sanabia

Atomic Physics Division, Physics Laboratory

Scott N. Goldie

Optical Technology Division, Physics Laboratory

We discuss our design for a laser-scanning confocal microscope that will provide fluorescence images with diffraction-limited spatial resolution and spectral information.  An achromatic design allows UV excitation while visible to 1000 nm emission is collected.  A liquid nitrogen-cooled CCD spectrometer can record spectra over long periods of exposure.  A liquid nitrogen vacuum cryostat allows the sample to be held in vacuum at fixed temperatures between 80 and 325 K.  We will employ this apparatus to investigate photoluminescence from individual semiconducting nanostructures, local environments in polymeric and biological materials, and interfaces of heterogeneous polymer blends.