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Poster Presentations
Thursday February 17, 2000
11 am to 3 pm
Hallway outside of Lecture Rooms A and B in the Administration Building
Connie Allen, FT-IR Microspectroscopy and Multivariate Statistics on Plant Cells
Alex Drohat, The Role of Hydrogen Bonding in Transition-State Stabilization by Uracil-DNA Glycosylase
John T. Elliott , An Electrochemical Biosensor Sensitive to Structure Changes in an Absorbed Phospholipid Layer: Development of a Phospholipase C Biosensor.
Wanda K. Hartmann, Recognition of Nonnative Polypeptides by the GroEL Chaperonin: How Important is Hydrophobic Surface Area for Binding?
Peter Vallone, Melting Analysis of DNA Dumbbells with Repeating Dinucleotide Stem Sequences Reveals Evidence for Long Range Sequence Dependent Interactions in Short Duplex DNA.
John T. Woodward, Atomic Force Microscopy of Hybrid Bilayer Membranes
Micheal Branham, Lithium Complexation and Stability of a Novel Coumarin-Based Fluoroionophore
Tina H. Huang, Novel Detection Method for DNA Hybridization Based on Molecular Spotlighting
Florent LOUIS, Predictions of Environmental Properties of Halogenated Organics by a Computational Chemistry Screening Tool
Ciara McMahon, Examination of the solid phase speciation of 239,240Pu, 241Am and 137Cs in seabed sediments from Thule, NW Greenland using the NIST standard sequential protocol
Geoffrey B. Saupe, Surface Plasmon Resonance Measurements of DNA Probe/Target Hybridization Reactions on Gold Surfaces
Joseph R. Swider, Capillary X-ray Microfluorescence Instrument
M. Clayton Wheeler, Using Chemical Kinetic Effects for Understanding and Developing Chemical Sensors
Julie Epelboim, Eye movement strategies
Jonathan E. Guyer, In Situ Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy for Measurement and Control of III-V Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Timothy J. Haugan, Control of Nanophase Defects during Ceramic Melt Processing of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x High Tc Superconductors
Richard B. Mindek, Jr., Modeling and Development of Polishing Processes
Tony L. Schmitz, Predicting high-speed machining dynamics by substructure analysis
Materials Science
Julia Chan, Structure and Microwave Dielectric Properties in the x Ca2AlNbO6: (1-x) Ca3Nb2O8 System
Richard A. Fry, Kerr Imaging of a Co/Pt Bimodal Magneto-Optical Medium
Thomas Gnaupel-Herold, Diffraction Elastic Constants for Arbitrary Aggregates
Steven P. Mates, Compressible Fluid Dynamics in Materials Processing
Alexander B. Morgan, Flammability of Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites: TEM Analysis of Nanocomposite Structure Before and After Burning.
Barbara A. Reisner, Understanding Zeolite Properties Through Structural Analysis
Mark R. Stoudt, Influence of Nanometer-scale Multilayered Thin Films on Fatigue Crack Initiation
David Branning, Observation of photons from an inhibited spontaneous emitter
James P. Burke, Four-wave mixing with multiple spin states
Sung-Min Choi, Focusing Cold Neutrons with Multiple Biconcave Lenses for Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
Zema Chowdhuri, Absolute Neutron Measurements in Neutron Decay
Fredrik Fatemi, Ultracold Atom Collisions Probed with Ultrashort Laser Pulses
Donald A. Gajewski, In situ metrology during the growth of compound semiconductors by molecular beam epitaxy
Bill Huber, The Worlds Smallest Shielded Room: Encasing a Single Electron Transistor in a Nano-Faraday Cage"
Paul R. Huffman, The Neutron as a Fundamental Physics Laboratory
Thomas Killian, An Ultracold Neutral Plasma Created by Photoionizing Laser-Cooled Xenon
Eric Landree, Grazing Incidence X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy of Silicon oxy-nitride ultrathin films
Laura Lising, Delta-Kick and Raman Cooling on a Cesium Atomic Fountain
Ronnie Minniti, In-situ observation of surface modification induced by highly charged xenon ions on graphite surfaces
J. Marc Pedulla, A frequency stabilized laser array for use in displacement metrology
Leticia Pibida, Measurement of 135Cs/137Cs Isotopic Ratio in a Standard Radioactivity Sample Using Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry
James V. Porto , Direct Imaging of Static and Dynamic Ion Cloud Distributions in an Electron Beam Ion Trap
Christine H. Russell, An examination of tantalum pentoxide thin dielectric films using grazing incidence x-ray reflectivity and powder diffraction
Joshua Schwarz, "Watt's up, Doc? The Nist Watt Experiment and the Future of the Kg"
John E. Simsarian, Phase Engineering and Interferometry with a Bose-Einstein Condensate
Francis W. Starr, Molecular Simulations of Filled Polymers
Kenneth D. Weston, Measuring the Orientation and Re-orientation Dynamics of Single Molecules

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