The following abstracts have been submitted and approved for the NIST Sigma Xi 19th Annual Postdoctoral Poster Presentation to be held on Wednesday, 22 Feb. 2012.  The presenters’ names are listed as first author. All eligible postdoctoral and guest researcher authors have been underlined.


Congratulations to our participants named Most Outstanding and Runner-up in each category! Those poster abstracts are noted below (** for Most Outstanding, * for Runner-up).


The category key, with the number of submissions in each category, is as follows:


M: Materials                (23)                                          C: Chemistry               (18)


T: Biotechnology        (17)                                          P: Physics                    (23)


E: Engineering            (10)                                          B: Biology                   (8)

X: Mathematics           (5)                                            Y: Polymers                (6)


A Most Outstanding Poster award will be made in each of larger categories (M, T, C, and P), while the smaller categories have been combined into pairs (E/X and B/Y) that will each receive a Most Outstanding Poster award. Most Outstanding Posters and runners-up will have their posters displayed in the Hall of Flags for two weeks following the awards presentation on 24 Feb. 2012.


Poster presenters: Please check this site to make sure all of the posted information for your poster is correct.  Please contact me (dmeier@nist.gov) if you’d like to make a change in your category or provide corrections for your abstract.  We have two sessions – Session I (A) (9:00 am to noon, featuring categories M, T, E, and X) and Session II (Z) (1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, featuring categories C, P, B, and Y).  Your poster is numbered as follows: Session (A or Z), Poster Number, and (Category Code).  So for example, if your poster number is A10(M), this would indicate that you are poster 10 in the morning session, Materials category.  Poster numbers in bold type indicate those posters presented by Sigma Xi members.


Hanging of posters will begin 30 minutes before your session starts. The maximum poster width is 60 inches. If your poster is numbered 48 or lower, please bring push pins with which to hang your poster. For posters numbered 49 or higher, please bring adhesive tape for this purpose. Please make sure that your poster identifies your program classification (NRC, ARRA, etc.).



SESSION I (morning):


A1(M): Myung-Gyu Kang, Henri Lezec, Raymond L. Kallaher, and Fred Sharifi, “Stable Field Emission From Nanoporous Silicon Carbide”

A2(M): S. Pookpanratana, C.A. Richter, and C. A. Hacker, “Physical and Electrical Characterization of Metal Incorporated Molecular Electronic Junctions”

A3(T): Donna M. Omiatek and Wyatt N. Vreeland, “Microfluidic-Directed Synthesis of 18F Radioactive Nanoscale Liposomes for Use as Contrast Agents in Positron Emission Tomography (PET)”

A4(T): Monique A. Pond and Rebecca A. Zangmeister, “Carbohydrate-Functionalized Vesicles for Controlling the Density of Glycan Arrays”

A5(X): Howard Cohl, “The Special Functions of Fourier, Gegenbauer, and Jacobi Analysis for Fundamental Solutions of the Polyharmonic Equation on Highly Symmetric Manifolds”

*A6(E): Thomas P. Forbes and Samuel P. Forry, “Immunomagnetic Separations in Microfluidic Magnetophoresis Systems”

A7(M): Andrew R. Konicek, Nicole Lunning, Cari M. Corrigan, and Edward P. Vicenzi, “Phase Analysis Using Backscattered Electron Imaging – Study of New Miller Range Nakhlites” 

A8(X): Asha Nurse, Geoffrey Mcfadden, and Sam Coriell, “Bubble Motion and Size Variation During Thermal Migration with Phase Change”

A9(T): Christopher R. Anderton, Kiran Bhadriraju, Frank W. DelRio, and Anne L. Plant, “Characterizing Self-Assembled Extracellular Matrix Fibrillar Films with PCA/TOF-SIMS” 

A10(M): Yihua Liu, Carlos M. Hangarter, Ugo Bertocci, Vladimir P. Oleshko, Leonid A. Bendersky, and Thomas P. Moffat “Can Electrodeposited Thin Film Rival Nanoparticle Ensemble as Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalyst?”

A11(E): Ion Matei and Assane Gueye, “Flow Control in Time-Varying, Random Supply Chains”

A12(X): Assane Gueye, “Game Theoretic Approach to Communication and Cyber Security”

A13(T): Steve Y. Rhieu and G. Tayhas R. Palmore, “A Preview to Vitamin D Biosensing: Electrochemical Evaluation of Cytochrome P450 27B1” 

**A14(T): Maria Lorna A. De Leoz, Stephen E. Stein, and Michael J. Tarlov, “Development of N-Glycan Mass Spectral Library for Therapeutic Glycoproteins”

A15(T): Tanya M. Farooque, Charles H. Camp, Christopher K. Tison, Girish Kumar, Sapun H. Parekh, and Carl G. Simon, Jr., “Metrics for Defining Cell 3Dness: a Guide for the Development of Scaffolds for 3D Cell Culture”

A16(M): Edwin J. Schwalbach, Stephen H. Davis, Peter W. Voorhees, James A. Warren, and Daniel Wheeler, “Stability and Topological Transformations of Liquid Droplets on Vapor-Liquid-Solid Nanowires”

A17(E): Yang Lu and Edward J. Garboczi, “Bridging the Gap Between Random Microstructure and 3-D Meshing”

A18(T): Meiyao Wang, Hua-Jun He, Illarion V. Turko, and Lili Wang, “Quantitative Measurement of CD4 Protein on Human T Cell Surface Using Multiple Reaction Monitoring Mass Spectrometry”

A19(X): James Michael Shook, “Identifying Influential Affiliations in Evolving Networks”

A20(M): Kanokwan Nontapot, Vinayak Rastogi, Jeffrey Fagan, and Vytas Reipa, “Size and Density Measurement of Core-Shell Silicon Nanoparticles by Analytical Ultracentrifugation”

A21(T): Junjun Chen and Illarion V. Turko, “Absolute Quantification to Study Neurodegenerative Diseases by QconCAT Strategy”

A22(T): Wojtek Tutak, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Tanya M. Farooque, Giri Jyotsnendu, Dongbo Wang, and Carl G. Simon, Jr., “Airbrushing: a Rapid, Low-Cost Method for Fabricating Polymeric Nanofiber Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering”

A23(E): Charles J. Choi, Hsin-Yu Wu, Jonathan Weyhenmeyer, Sherine George, and Brian T. Cunningham, “Biochemical Sensor Tubing for Point-of-Care Monitoring of Intravenous Drug Infusion and Urinary Metabolites”

*A24(M): Ken K. Qian, Katharine L. Page, Wei Zhou, and Terrence J. Udovic, “Probing the Interaction and Structural Arrangement of Medicinal Compounds Confined in Novel, Amorphous Drug Delivery Systems”

A25(E): April L. Cooke and Shawn P. Moylan, “Process Intermittent Measurement for Powder-Bed Based Additive Manufacturing”

A26(M): Karen T. Henry, Eric Steel, and Ian Anderson, “Chemical Tomography for Advanced Manufacturing”

A27(M): Matthew T. Hunley and Kathryn L. Beers, “In Situ Raman Monitoring of Ring-Opening Copolymerizations”

A28(M): Thomas F. Lam, Jonathan P. Winterstein, Renu Sharma, and James A. Liddle, “Carbon Nanotube Structures Within a Composite”

A29(T): Shin Muramoto, Michael Robinson, Dan Graham, and David G. Castner, “Re-Construction of a 3D ToF-SIMS Image of a Single Biological Cell From 2D Image Stacks Using the Z-Correction Method”

A30(M): Kevin A. Masser, Nayool Shin, Dean Delongchamp, and Chad Snyder, “Impedance Spectroscopy as a Tool for Monitoring the Drying Behavior of Bulk Heterojunction Solutions for Polymeric Photovoltaic Devices”

A31(E): Wenqi (Wendy) Guo, William M. Healy, and MengChu Zhou, “Interference Impacts on ZigBee-Based Wireless Mesh Networks for Building Automation and Control”

A32(T): Bryce Marquis, Li Komatsu, Shyam Nathan, Monique Johnson, Lee Yu, and Bryant Nelson, “Investigation of Size-Dependant Genotoxicity of Silver Nanoparticles in Multiple Biological Models”

A33(M): Seung Hyeon (Sarah) Ko, Kan Du, Andrew Berglund, and J. Alexander Liddle, “In Situ Study of the Kinetics of Quantum Dot Binding to DNA Origami in Solution”

A34(T): Amit Vaish, Vitalii Silin, David Vanderah, Marlon Walker, Klaus Gawrisch, Charles Majkrzak, and Susan Krueger, “Structural and Functional Characterization of Reconstituted G-Protein Coupled Membrane Receptors by Neutron Scattering and Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance”

A35(M): Manon C. Lafouresse, Gery R. Stafford, and Ugo Bertocci, “Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Applied to In Situ Stress Measurements”

A36(M): Matthew N. Martin, Robert I. MacCuspie, Vincent A. Hackley, and Andrew J. Allen, “Changes in Ensemble Morphology of Dissolving Protein-Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles”

A37(E): Craig Weinschenk, Randall McDermott, and Jason Floyd, “A Lumped Species Approach to Modeling Simple Chemistry in Under-Ventilated Fires” 

A38(M): Marina S. Leite and Harry A. Atwater, “A New Paradigm for > 50% Photovoltaic Efficiencies”

A39(M): Shiyou Zheng, Ke Wang, and Leonid A. Bendersky, “Effect of Iron on Structural and Reversible Hydrogen Storage Properties in Mg-Fe Thin Film System”

A40(M): Lan Li, Eric Cockayne, Laura Espinal, and Winnie Wong-Ng, “Carbon Capture and Storage”

A41(T): Napoleon Tercero and Curtis Meuse, “Maximum Entropy Approach to Constructing Orientational Distributions of Transmembrane Proteins”

A42(E): Yuxiang Liu, Houxun Miao, Vladimir Aksyuk, and Kartik Srinivasan, “Optomechanical Devices for AFM Applications With a Large Range of Cantilever Stiffness” 

A43(M): Constantine Khripin, Nicholas Arnold-Medabalimi, and Ming Zheng, “Selective Precipitation of Colloidal SWCNTs for Reducing Sample Heterogeneity”

A44(M): Bal Mukund Dhar, Kaikun Yang, Erich Walter, R. Gregory Downing, A. Alec Talin, and Howard Wang, “Investigation of Boron-Nitrogen Compounds as Possible Electrode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries”

A45(E): Lee J. Gorny and Keith A. Gillis, “Measurement of Power Plant Exhaust Flowrates Using Long-Wavelength Acoustic Flowmetry”

A46(T): Mark M. Bailey, Jeff Davis, Cindy Zeissler, Cindi Dennis, and Angela R. Hight Walker, “Bismuth-Doped Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles for MRI and CT Contrast Enhancement”

A47(M): Dincer Gokcen and Thomas P. Moffat, “Surfactants and Surface Alloy Formation in Alloy Electrodeposition”

**A48(M): Wendy L. Queen, Craig M. Brown, Matthew R. Hudson, Eric D. Bloch, and Jeffrey R. Long, “Reducing Energy Costs of Industrial Gas Separations Using Metal-Organic Framework Based Solid Adsorbents”

*A49(T): Jyotsnendu Giri, Wojtek Tutak, and Marcus T. Cicerone, “A Novel Method for Fabrication of Chemically Heterogeneous 3D Nanofibers Scaffold for Tissue Engineering Applications”

A50(T): Joseph Kotarek and Napoleon Tercero, “Electrochemical Differentiation of Protein Aggregate State”

A51(M): Christopher D. Bohn, Alec A. Talin, and Veronika A. Szalai, “The Effect of Tin Doping on α‑Fe2O3 Photoanodes for Hydrogen Production”

**A52(X): Charles R. Hogg III, Igor Levin, and Katharine Mullen, “A Bayesian Approach to Recover Signals from Measured Data”

A53(M): Sherrie Elzey, De-Hao Tsai, Frank W. DelRio, Athena M. Keene, Katherine M. Tyner, Jeffrey D. Clogston, Robert I. MacCuspie, Suvajyoti Guha, Michael R. Zachariah, and Vincent A. Hackley, “Characterization of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) Protein Conjugation on Gold Nanoparticles”

A54(E): Julian S. Taurozzi, “Development of Standardized Approaches for the Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials”

A55(T): Benjamin G. Hawkins, Jayne B. Morrow, and Samuel P. Forry, “Microfluidic Culture and Characterization of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Biofilms”



SESSION II (afternoon):


Z1(P): Nicholas D. Guise, Samuel M. Brewer, and Joseph N. Tan, “Highly Charged Ions in Rare-Earth Permanent Magnet Penning Traps”

Z2(P): Subhadeep De, Daniel L. Campbell, Ryan Price, and Ian B. Spielman, “Mixture of Rubidium - Lithium Degenerate Bose and Fermi Gasses”

Z3(P): Ross A. Williams, Lindsay J. LeBlanc, Karina Jimιnez-Garcνa, Matthew C. Beeler, Abigail R. Perry, William D. Phillips, and Ian B. Spielman, “Synthetic Partial Waves in Ultracold Atomic Collisions”

Z4(C): Ruth L. Jacobsen, Karl K. Irikura, Russell D. Johnson, and Raghu N. Kacker, “To Predict Vibrational Spectra, Are Anharmonic Calculations Worthwhile?”

Z5(Y): Lucas J.T. Landherr, Kalman Migler, and Steven D. Hudson, ”Polymeric Fluid Flow Over Superhydrophobic Surfaces”

Z6(C): Guokun Liu, Shouzhong Zou, Lee. J. Richter, and Thomas P. Moffat, “Competitive and Co-adsorption Behaviors Between Additives for Cu Electrodeposition Investigated by Surface-Enhance Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy” 

Z7(C): Yoana Nuevo-Ordσρez, Maria Montes-Bayσn, Elisa Blanco-Gonzαlez, Alfredo Sanz-Medel, and Clay Davis, “Titanium Binding Patterns to Human Transferrin in Unspiked Serum Samples: Preferential Binding Sites and Effect of Sialic Acids”

**Z8(C): Steven C. DeCaluwe, Jeanette E. Owejan, Jon P. Owejan, and Joseph A. Dura, “In Situ Neutron Reflectometry for the Direct Measurement of Cyclic and Evolving Structures in the Lithium Battery Solid Electrolyte Interphase”

*Z9(C): Daniel Esposito, Alec Talin, and Thomas Moffat, “Measuring Photoelectrochemical Properties of Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Nanostructures With High Spatial Resolution”

Z10(C): Siva Kesava Raju Chinthalapati, Lee Yu, John Schiel, and Stephen E Long, “Determination of Vitamin B12 in Cereal and Multivitamin Tablet Reference Materials Using a Novel HPLC-ICP-MS Method”

Z11(C): Brian M. Giebel, Peter K. Swart, and Daniel D. Riemer, “New Insights on the Use of Ethanol in Automotive Fuel: a Stable Isotopic Tracer for Fossil Fuel Combustion Inputs to the Atmosphere”

Z12(P): Quentin Glorieux, Jeremy Clark, Alberto Marino, and Paul Lett, “Multiple Spatial Modes Memory for Light”

Z13(P): Zhao Deng and Rachel J. Cannara, “Negative Nanoscale Friction Coefficient on Graphite: Towards a New Method to Determine Exfoliation Energies for Lamellar Materials”

Z14(P): S. G. Bhongale, L. Mathey, Shan-Wen Tsai, Charles W. Clark, and Erhai Zhao, “Bond Order Solid of Dipolar Fermions”

Z15(C): Guillaume Ballihaut, Lisa E. Kilpatrick, Eric L. Kilpatrick and W. Clay Davis, “Multiple Forms of Selenoprotein P in a Candidate Human Plasma Standard Reference Material”

Z16(P): Brandon M. Anderson, Gediminas Juzeliūnas, Victor M. Galitski, and Ian B. Spielman, “Synthetic 3D Spin-Orbit Coupling”

Z17(B): Sarah A. Munro and Marc L. Salit, “Multiple Measurement Modes for Confidence From Corroborative Evidence: Linking Transcriptome and Proteome Measurements Using Ribosome Footprints”

Z18(P): Stephen L. Redman, Gillian Nave, and Craig J. Sansonetti, “Near-Infrared Calibration Sources for High-Precision Radial Velocity Measurements and the Search for Life Outside Our Solar System”

Z19(P): Karina Jimιnez-Garcνa, Lindsay J. LeBlanc, Ross A. Williams, Matthew C. Beeler, Abigail R. Perry, and Ian B. Spielman, “The Peierls Substitution in an Engineered Lattice Potential”

Z20(B): Cassiah J. Cox, Stuart F.J. Le Grice, and John P. Marino, “Structural Analysis of RNA Interactions Within the Murine MusD Transport Element Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance”

Z21(C): John A. Bowden, Raquel Chamorro-Garcνa, Bruce Blumberg, Louis Guillette, Michele Schantz, and John Kucklick, “Development of an Automated Lipidomics Approach to Understand the Action of Obesogens”

Z22(C): Jeanita S. Pritchett and Karen W. Phinney, “Influence of Chemical Straightening on the Stability of Drugs of Abuse in Hair”

Z23(P): Lindsay J. LeBlanc, Karina Jimιnez-Garcia, Ross A. Williams, Matthew C. Beeler, Abigail R. Perry, William D. Phillips, and Ian B. Spielman, “Observing a Superfluid Hall Effect in a Bose-Einstein Condensate” 

Z24(Y): Daniel Sunday and David Green, “Measuring the Stability of Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticles in Polymer Matrices”

Z25(P): Ting Xu, Maxim Abashin, and Henri J. Lezec, “Negative Refraction at Ultraviolet Frequencies”

Z26(B): Sheila Khodadadi, Steven L. Fiedler, and Joseph E. Curtis, “Picosecond-Nanosecond Dynamics of Hammerhead RNA Versus Protein RNAse A: MD Simulation Study”

**Z27(P): Jonathan Wrubel, Hyewon Pechkis, Paul Griffin, Ryan Barnett, Eite Tiesinga, William D. Phillips, and Paul Lett, “Nonlinear Matter-Wave Amplification in a 23Na Spinior Bose-Einstein Condensate” 

Z28(B): Twyla Michelle Blickley, Christopher Szakal, and R. David Holbrook, “Investigating the Fate and Toxicological Effects of Nano-TiO2 in Daphnia Magna” 

Z29(P): Ryan T. Glasser, Ulrich Vogl, and Paul D. Lett, “Generation of Superluminal Images With Four-Wave-Mixing in Atomic Vapor”

**Z30(Y): Sara Orski, Santanu Kundu, Richard Gross, and Kathryn Beers, “In Situ Determination of the Stability and Performance of Solid-Supported Enzyme Catalysts for the Ring-Opening Polymerization of ε-Caprolactone”

Z31(C): Christian M. White and Karen Phinney, “Determination of Ginsenosides Using Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry”

Z32(P): Neil Corzo-Trejo, Alberto M. Marino, and Paul D. Lett, “Multi-Spatial-Mode Noiseless Optical Amplifier”

Z33(B): Ryan W. Norris, Cory L. Strope, and Arlin Stoltzfus, “Two New Approaches to Calibrating Molecular Clocks and Evaluation of Bias in Existing Methods”

Z34(B): John M. Heddleston, Jeremy N. Rich, and Angela R. Hight Walker, “Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes as In Vitro Oxygen Sensors”

Z35(C): Jacolin A. Murray, Michele M. Schantz, and John Kucklick, “Quantification of Parent and Alkyl Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Crude Oil Samples Using Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography”

Z36(P): John F. Lesoine, “Revealing Integrated Intensity Distributions (RIID)”

Z37(P): Rachel Stephenson, Ashwinkumar Bhirde, Constantine Khripin, Xiaoyuan Chen, Jeffery Fagan, Ming Zhang, and Angela Hight Walker, “Dispersant-Dependence of the Resonance Raman Spectra and Excitation Profiles for Aqueous SWCNT Solutions”

*Z38(B): Autumn S. Downey, Sandra M. Da Silva, Nathan D. Olson, James J. Filliben, and Jayne B. Morrow, “Impact of Processing Method on Recovery of Bacteria From Wipes Used in Biological Surface Sampling”

Z39(P): Kan Du and Andrew Berglund, “Three-Dimensional Real-Time Tracking of Nanoparticles at an Oil-Water Interface”

Z40(P): Lamar Mair, Andrew Berglund, and J. Alexander Liddle, “Manipulation of and Hydrodynamics Around Magnetically-Actuated Microswimmers”

Z41(C): David A. Sheen, Claudette M. Rosado-Reyes, and Wing Tsang, “Kinetics of H Atom Attack on Unsaturated Hydrocarbons Using Spectral Uncertainty Propagation and Minimization Techniques”

Z42(Y): Sumona Sarkar and Michele S. Marcolongo, “Synthesis and Characterization of a Hybrid Bio/Synthetic Biomimetic Aggrecan Macromolecule for the Treatment of Low Back Pain”

Z43(C): Xiaomin Tu, Constantine Khripin, John Howarter, and Ming Zheng, “Extinction Coefficient of Single-Chirality Metallic and Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes”

Z44(C): Julien Malherbe, Marie-Pierre Isaure, Fabienne Sιby, Russell P. Watson, Pablo Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Paul E. Stutzman, Clay W. Davis, Chiara Maurizio, Nora Unceta, John R. Sieber, Stephen E. Long, and Olivier F.X. Donard, “Evaluation of Hexavalent Chromium Extraction Method EPA Method 3060A for Soils Using XANES Spectroscopy”

Z45(C): Fanny Claverie, Julien Malherbe, Paul E. Stutzman, and Stephen E. Long, “Preliminary Results on the Quantification of Gold by LA-ICPMS in Mouse Bones”

Z46(C): Alicia J. Kalafut-Pettibone and William Sean McGivern, “Examination of Early-Stage Chemistry of Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation Using a Flow Cell”

Z47(C): Leonard T. Demoranville, Jennifer R. Verkouteren, and Greg Gillen, “Towards Improvement of Trace Detector Screening for the Analysis of Illicit Drugs”

Z48(P): Niv Levy, Tong Zhang, Jeonghoon Ha, and  Joseph A. Stroscio, “In Situ Low Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy Study of the Tunable Electronic Structure of Topological Insulators”

Z49(P): Konrad Hsu Aschenbach and R. D. McMichael, “Spin-Wave Doppler Technique for Measuring Spin Current Polarization”

Z50(P): Feng Guo, Han-Jong Chia, Lyuba M. Belova, and Robert D. McMichael, “Nonlinear Effects of Magnetization Dynamics in Nanosize Ferromagnetic Disks”

Z51(Y): Dongbo Wang, Jing Ye, Steve Hudson, Vivek Prahbu, Keana Scott, and Sheng Lin-Gibson, “The Size-Dependent Interactions Between Nanoparticles and Collagen: Implications for Biomineralization”

Z52(Y): Edward D. McCarthy, Douglas M. Fox, Gale A. Holmes, Mauro Zammarano, Paul H. Maupin, and Jeffrey W. Gilman, “Rheology of Novel Poly(L,D-Lactic Acid) (PLDLA) Nanocomposite Formed From In Situ Bulk Polymerization of L,D-Lactide by Stearate-Intercalated Layered Double Hydroxide”

*Z53(P): Steven Olmschenk, Roger C. Brown, Martin Zelan, Radu Chicireanu, Karl D. Nelson, Saijun Wu, and James V. Porto, “Precision Coherent Microwave Operations on Ultracold Atoms in an Optical Lattice”

Z54(B): George C. Blouin, John S. Olson, and Angela R. Hight Walker, “Raman Spectroscopy of the Truncated Hemoglobin From Bacillus Antracis” 

Z55(P): Andrew L. Balk, Mark E. Nowakowski, Mark J. Wilson, David W. Rench, Peter Schiffer, David D. Awschalom, and Nitin Samarth, “Nanoscale Domain Wall Flexing in a Ferromagnetic Thin Film”




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