Fabrication and in situ testing of solid-state all nanowire Li ion batteries


Dmitry Ruzmetov1, Vladimir Oleshko2, Sergiy Krylyuk2, Albert Davydov2, Henri Lezec1, and
A. Alec Talin1


1Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology;

2Material Measurement Laboratory.


The ability to measure the morphological, chemical, and transport characteristics with nanoscale resolution in electrochemical energy storage devices is critical for understanding the complex interfacial reactions and phase transformation that accompany cycling of secondary batteries. In this poster we will describe the use of an all-nanowire Li ion battery for in situ characterization of charge and discharge reactions. The nanobatteries consist of a metalized core, a LiCoO2 cathode, LiPON solid electrolyte, and a thin film Si anode. Measuring several micrometers in length and several hundred nanometers in diameter, the nanobatteries can be readily imaged in a transmission electron microscope. We test the nanobatteries using a piezo-actuated electrical nanoprobe. In addition to being well suited for in situ electrochemical testing, nanowire batteries may also have other advantages, such as superior strain accommodation.  To investigate this hypothesis, we also characterize in situ thin film batteries fabricated using similar methods.