Title: Advanced Operating Techniques for Chemical Microsensor Arrays


Casey S. Mungle, Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna and Steve Semancik

Affiliation: CSTL, NIST Gaithersburg, MD 20899.


Advanced operating modes are being developed to optimize the performance of chemical microsensor arrays.  The overall strategy seeks the ability to adapt sensor behavior to specific challenges by actively reconfiguring the sensor array and altering the type of analytical information collected so that signal quality remains within tolerance during extended periods of operation.  Our microsensor technology involves a MEMS-based array of microhotplates coated with metal oxide sensing films that acquire multi-dimensional data about the environment by modulating the temperature of each film during a sequence of conductometric measurements.  In this presentation we report on studies aimed at alleviating drift and fatigue effects by intentionally using replicates of array elements for different lengths of time to create a distribution of age in the sensor data.  This approach allows us to maintain an average age of responding sensor elements and thereby keep the system within tolerances required for accurate detection and identification of target analytes.  Implementation of the average age concept extends the lifetime of a sensor array beyond that of an individual sensor element and this work is directed toward developing the decision metrics necessary to switch the operational modes of sensor elements in real-time.




CATEGORY: Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry,

Engineering, Materials, Mathematics or Physics



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