Title: Microfluidic Mixer for Polymer Melts


Doyoung Moon and Kalman B. Migler

Polymers Division, NIST Gaithersburg, MD 20899.


We present a novel microfluidic mixer for high temperature polymer melts based on the platform of the Multi-sample Micro-slit Rheometer (MMR). The device is essentially a static mixer with eight consecutive units of splitting and recombination flow formed by stacking three stainless steel shims (50 μm thickness). The mixing results show both multilayer and domain/matrix morphologies depending on the channel configuration and blend pair. This mixer will be particularly useful not only as a polymer melt mixer but as a multilayer processor when a limited material quantity (typical sample size ≈ 20 L) is available.









CATEGORY: Engineering


Mentors Name: Kalman Migler

Division, Laboratory : Polymers Division, Complex Fluids Group

Room, Building Mail stop : A213, 224, 8542

Tel: x 4877

Fax: x 4924

Email: doyoung.moon@nist.gov


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