Towards optimization and characterization of dye-embedded gold nanoclusters for multiplexed optical imaging


Michael Alexander McDonald and Angela R. Hight Walker

Physics Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD 20899





Metallic nanoparticle aggregates coupling strong surface plasmons with a Raman reporter molecule have been developed for application in multiplexed optical imaging.  Of interest to our work is the ability of the agents to serve as surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) probes. We present the seed-mediated synthesis and characterization of rhodamine B isothiocyante Au nanoclusters (RhB-AuNCs).  RhB-AuNCs are anisotropic structures which contain the Raman reporter, RhB, embedded between a gold aggregate core and gold surface layer.  In contrast to typical SERS studies, the Raman signal originates from the probe (RhB-AuNCs) and not from RhB incubated with a noble metal colloid.  Characterization of the probes’ optical properties is presented.  The overall goal of our study is to prepare probes that may be used for the identification and spectroscopic labeling of multiple molecular biomarkers utilizing SERS imaging.  In addition I will present data on SERS probes with different shape (i.e., from flowers to raspberries) and composition (i.e., magnetic RhB-AuNCs).

















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Name:  Michael Alexander McDonald

Mentor’s name: Angela R. Hight Walker

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Laboratory: Physics

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