Title: Towards Simulating Charged Particles in a Magnetic Field with
a Bose-Einstein Condensate Using Light-induced Vector potentials


Yu-Ju Lin, Robert Compton, Abigail Perry, Trey Porto, and Ian Spielman

Affiliation: Joint Quantum Institute, National Institute of

Standards and Technology and the University of Maryland


We experimentally study light-induced gauge potentials in a Rb Bose-Einstein condensate. The atoms, dressed by a two-photon Raman coupling between the three F=1 hyperfine ground states, acquire a controllable quasi-momentum set by the strength and detuning of Raman coupling. We first investigate loading into the lowest energy dressed state, and identify a time scale for adiabatic loading. The projection of the dressed state onto the internal states of various state-dependent momenta is well understood. By detuning from Raman-resonance, we transfer the atoms into a state with nonzero quasi-momentum (static in the lab frame), and argue that an addition of detuning gradient would yield an effective magnetic field.











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