Parallel optical manipulation using evanescent optical landscapes

C. López-Mariscal, W. Vreeland, R. Kishore and Kris Helmerson


Optical trapping is a flexible and noninvasive technique that allows for the manipulation of single dielectric particles. Conventional single and multiple beam laser traps however, are limited by the amount of trapping sites that can be embedded in their wave field with a sufficiently high intensity gradient. We make use the interference of multiple beams and total internal reflection to couple an extended evanescent optical field to a large number of particles in a 2-D periodical landscape. The particles are confined and manipulated by modifying the spatial parameters of the landscape. We ultimately intend to use this technique to the parallel fusion of multiple pairs of parallel fusion of multiple pairs of microscopic droplets to investigate the dynamics of micro-reactions.


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Carlos López-Mariscal

Mentor: Kris Helmerson

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Category: Physics