J. M. Simmons,1 I. In,2 V. E. Campbell,2 T. J. Mark,2 F. Léonard,3 P. Gopalan,2, 4 and M. A. Eriksson1


1Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison

2Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Wisconsin – Madison

3Sandia National Laboratories

4Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison


We demonstrate an optically active nanotube-hybrid material by functionalizing single-wall nanotubes with an azo-based chromophore. Upon UV illumination, the conjugated chromophore undergoes a cis-trans isomerization leading to a charge redistribution near the nanotube. This charge redistribution changes the local electrostatic environment, shifting the threshold voltage and increasing the conductivity of the nanotube transistor. For a ~1-2% coverage, we measure a shift in the threshold voltage of up to 1.2 V. Further, the conductance change is reversible and repeatable over long periods of time, indicating that the chromophore functionalized nanotubes are useful for integrated nano-photodetectors.





Your Name:  Jason Simmons

Mentor's name:  Taner Yildirim

Division:  NIST Center for Neutron Research

Laboratory:  Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory

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Mail Stop:  8562

Phone#:  975-5631

e-mail:  simmonsm@seas.upenn.edu

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Category:  Physics