Image Analysis of Cellular Morphology Response to Substrate Modulus



Yuexin Liu, Nathan D. Gallant, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Marcus T. Cicerone





Substrate stiffness is being increasingly recognized as an important physical factor in the response of many cell types.† Cells respond to substrate stiffness through changes in cellular morphology, or modulation of cellular locomotion. Characterizing the relationship between cellular morphology and substrate modulus is crucial in understanding the structural basis of cellular function. The impact of local matrix stiffness on cell state likely has important implications for development, differentiation, disease, and thus is critical information for effectual tissue regeneration efforts.† We have explored cellular response of A10 smooth muscle cells to protein-treated PDMS substrates with a wide range of shear moduli.† Response of the cells to this range of substrate modulus is quantified through image analysis of the living cells.† We present morphological indices that give insight to potential cellular-level variables that influence cell response to the substrate modulus.† Our results show that cells become more irregular on stiffer substrates, which is well consistent with a theoretical prediction based a model of minimization of total free energy of cell-substrate system.







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Name:††††††††††††††††††††††††† Yuexin Liu, Nathan D. Gallant, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Marcus T. Cicerone

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