Statistical Copolymer Brush Composition Gradients via Microchannel Confined Surface-Initiated Photopolymerization


Derek Patton, Chang Xu, Kirsten Genson, Michael Fasolka and Kathryn Beers

In this work, we present a versatile method for fabricating statistical copolymer brush composition gradients via microchannel confined surface-initiated polymerization (μSIP). A stable solution composition gradient is generated inside a microchannel by varying the relative infusion rates of two solutions differing in composition. This solution gradient is utilized to synthesize a surface-grafted statistical copolymer brush composition gradient via surface-initiated photopolymerization. By choosing a photoinitiated system, we were able to explore a wide variety of monomer combinations that can be polymerized at room temperature. The solution and brush gradients were confirmed by Raman and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, respectively.


Author name: Derek Patton

Mentor name: Kathryn Beers

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