Neutron Scattering Studies of Short-Range Order and Atomic Displacements in a Null-Matrix 61Ni0.52 Pt0.48 Crystal

J. A. Rodriguez, S. C. Moss, J. L Robertson, J. R. D. Copley, D. A. Neumann,

J. Major



The best known exception to the Heine-Samson and Bibier-Gauther arguments for ordering effects of transition metals (similar to the Hume-Rothery rules) is a NiPt alloy, where the phase diagram is similar to the CuAu system. Using the Disk Chopper Spectrometer (DCS) at NIST, we have investigated a Null-Matrix Crystal 61Ni0.52 Pt0.48 has a negative scattering length, nearly equal in magnitude to Pt). The composition has thus been chosen whereby all effects depending on the average lattice scattering vanish. The only remaining contributions to the diffuse scattering are the Short Range Order (SRO) and Size Effect (SE) terms. Such data permit the extraction of the SRO parameters (concentration correlations) as well as the displacement parameters (concentration-displacement correlations). Using the Krivoglaz-Clapp-Moss theory, we obtained the Effective Pair Interactions (EPI). The results can be used to model the alloy in the context of electronic theory of alloy phase stability, including the very important aspect of charge transfer and ionicity.


Author: Dr. Jose Abelardo Rodriguez

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Lynn

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